Friday, September 14, 2012

Why the new iPhone may not be called iPhone 5?

Even before Apple sent out a cryptic invitation to the press for its Septmeber 12 event, the tech world was already abuzz with reports referring Apple's next-generation iPhone as the iPhone 5. After Apple's invitation, carrying a large shadow of the number 5, hit the mailboxes of tech bloggers and journalists, the tech journalist fraternity more or less seemed to confirm that the next iPhone will indeed be called the iPhone 5.
But Apple may have a surprise up its sleeve for us. It is likely that what we are calling the iPhone 5 may not turn out to be the iPhone 5 after all.
The use of the number 5 in the invite by Apple might be intended to play with the pre-conceived minds of tech buffs, and excite them a little more.
Why the new iPhone may not be called iPhone 5 

The 5 in the invite may mean something altogether different. Many recent reports have suggested that Apple may be launching a number of products at the September 12 event and hence the number 5 could be indicative of the number of products and not the name of any particular model.
Earlier in the year Apple named its third-generation iPad - the new iPad, and the new iPhone could be named the new iPhone.
Also, since the next iPhone will be the sixth-version of the trendsetting smartphone, calling it the iPhone 5 appears to be a break in the chronological order.
The suspense over the number 5 will be over on Wednesday night when Apple will announce to the world the name for its next-gen iPhone.

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