Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Master of the sky!

The C-130 J has been designed and developed with mission flexibility in mind - combat delivery, air to air refueling, special operations, disaster relief and humanitarian missions, that gives the C-130 J a unique mix of agility and performance to consistently operate at very high tempo operations efficiently as seen in the recent Sikkim earthquakes.The icing on the cake for Indian pilots who are going to navigate these mighty machines in the skies - a microwave oven, a coffee dispenser and bunks to catch up on sleep - cockpits seem a much better place for Indian Air Force (IAF) transport pilots.

India has purchased 6 C-130J-30 aircraft from the Government of United States of America (USG) through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) route at a cost of US $ 962 million which includes the cost on account of training, role and support equipment, spares, warranty and US Government administrative charges.

Equipped with India-unique operational equipment, including an infrared detection set (IDS), the aircraft for the first time will provide the IAF an ability to conduct precision low-level flying operations, airdrops and landings in blackout conditions.

The C-130J Super Hercules is the only airlifter with the range and flexibility for emerging theaters and evolving concepts of operation. This tactical transport aircraft has already proven itself in many kinds of missions, many in the harshest operating conditions possible.

The C-130J is an all-new aircraft. Major improvements include a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled digital flight deck designed for two-pilot operation and equipped with twin mission computers.

The aircraft can also be configured with the "enhanced cargo handling system". The system consists of a computerised loadmaster's station from where the user can remotely control the under floor winch.

The aircraft is equipped with air-to-air receiver refueling capability for extended range operations. Lockheed Martin will integrate this equipment and other capabilities into the Indian configuration as agreed between the governments.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Everest faces rocky future as ice melts!

Climbers and custodians of Everest say rapid climate change could soon make for an ice-free ascent of the world's highest mountain.

Their warning comes amid a new international effort to gauge the effects of climate change in the Himalayas - and shield local people from potential hazards.

A US-funded mission, led by the Mountain Institute, opened a meeting in Kathmandu at the weekend aimed at finding practical solutions to the threat of catastrophic high-altitude flooding from lakes forming at the foot of melting glaciers.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the climbing experience is now far different from that Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay faced in 1953. However, scientists acknowledge they have yet to form a complete picture of the changes under way in the Himalayas.

The task of offering a definitive scientific account of the extent of melting is daunting - and not just because the area is so vast and inaccessible.

Scientists are still working to recover from a PR disaster early last year when it emerged that a United Nations report on climate change had claimed - wrongly - that the Himalayan glaciers would disappear by 2035.

But growing anecdotal evidence from climbers and local people suggests climate change is making a strong impact even well above the 8000m line, with signs of melting ice on the southern approach to Everest.

"When I climbed Mt Everest last year I climbed the majority of ice without crampons because there was so much bare rock," said John All, an expert on Nepal glaciers from the University of Western Kentucky.

"In the past that would have been suicide because there was so much ice."

He said the terrain he crossed was very different from the landscapes described by earlier generations of climbers. Historical photographs of the Everest region show a longer and deeper covering of ice.

All added: "I wonder when Mt Everest will finally become a rock climb rather than an ice climb."

Everest Base Camp has undergone similar changes, said Tshering Tenzing Sherpa, who has overseen rubbish collection at the site for the past few years.

The summer monsoon months brought several deep new crevasses in the black ice beneath the rocks, Tenzing said. "Everything is changing with the glaciers."

Mancini knows Munich milestone!

Manchester City will reach the latest stage of their remarkable journey in Munich on Tuesday night with manager Roberto Mancini insisting one game alone against the legendary Bayern "cannot change" a club.Since Sheikh Mansour completed his multi-million pound Blues buy-out in 2008, City's long-suffering fans have become numb such is the frequency with which they have had to pinch themselves.From the day it all began and that British record £32.5million purchase of Robinho, through the arrival of Carlos Tevez from Manchester United, last season's FA Cup triumph and top-three finish, City have hauled in the heavyweights above them.

"For the supporters it is an important moment," Mancini said.Now, with so much less distance to travel, the strides are shorter. Some are still very significant.When they walk out at the Allianz Arena to face a team that were Champions League runners-up as recently as 2010, knocking Manchester United out along the way, and have four European Cups in their trophy room bearing testament to their status in the game, for those who have loyally followed the Blues through decades of underachievement another marker will have been passed.Mancini added: "Life changes sometimes.

Now we are a top club. But one result or one game cannot change everything. As a club, a team and a squad we have improved a lot this year and hope to do so in the future. But it is clear that it is an important game for this group. If we win it will be very important."That a club who only 13 years ago were spending their midweeks dreaming of victory over Macclesfield are now taking on Bayern as equals is remarkable in itself. Yet a quick check through the names who might represent the Blues in Germany emphasises Mancini and his boys are not travelling to Bavaria to gaze around at a world-famous stadium and wonder in amazement at it all.

Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure, David Silva, Joe Hart. This City squad stands comparison with any potential foe in this competition, including a Bayern outfit who can boast Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery and Manuel Neuer in its ranks."Playing against Bayern Munich is always difficult for an English team. But the same is also (true) for them," said Mancini."It will be a difficult game. When you play against this team you can lose. But we are not a small team. We are a good team. We play against them without a problem. We have a lot of respect for them. They have a great history. But we want to do a good job."

Monday, September 26, 2011

Vettel hails 'incredible year'!

Sebastian Vettel stopped short of conceding what he has achieved this season is magical, but under the lights of Singapore he was certainly dazzling.

Vettel produced another stunning drive to claim his ninth win this year, 19th of his career, and 15th from pole - the latter statistic drawing him level alongside the legendary Jim Clark. The 24-year-old led every single lap of the race to leave him one point shy of becoming the youngest back-to-back and double world champion in Formula One history.

Asked if this season was a magical one, Vettel said: "Magic? I don't know, maybe for some people. It has been an incredible year for us, an incredible record for both of us (team-mate Mark Webber) in terms of reliability."

He added: "We have had no problems with the car, the engine has been perfect from start to finish, so touch wood, nothing has gone wrong so far this year.

"It does need a lot of small things to come together to make sure you have an incredible season like we have had so far.

"It's been very enjoyable. Everyone has been extremely disciplined in a way, target-orientated and we've all enjoyed it.

"Those things sum it up pretty well, but of course we hope to carry on like that, carry the momentum into the next races, and into next season as well."

Not even a safety car for a crash involving seven-times champion Michael Schumacher in his Mercedes, at a time when Vettel held a 19-second cushion over Jenson Button on lap 30, halted his charge.

Come the end, Button finished just 1.7secs adrift, although Vettel insisted he was "in control" of the situation.

Behind the leading duo Red Bull's Mark Webber was third, Fernando Alonso fourth, whilst Lewis Hamilton was fifth after yet another incident involving Felipe Massa.

7aum Arivu rights

Suriya starrer 7aum Arivu’s Kerala rights have been sold for 2.50 crores. Tamil films are immensely popular in Kerala and are doing good business at the Kerala box office. Mankatha, Endhiran etc found good response in Kerala and now 7aum Arivu is all set to join the bandwagon.

7aum Arivu is directed by AR Murugadoss and produced by Udayanidhi Stalin. The film is slated to be released on October 26th for Diwali. The audio of 7aum Arivu was launched recently and the songs are turning out to be chartbusters.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tendulkar's suggestion for ODIs is worth experimenting: Dravid!

Sachin Tendulkar's suggestion to revamp the ODIs by splitting the format into four innings of 25 overs each may have been rejected by the ICC, however, Rahul Dravid has shown his support to the idea. "It is interesting (suggestion). I don't know why the ICC has rejected it (Tendulkar's suggestion via a letter to ICC), but it's a good idea that Sachin has given and is worth experimenting," Dravid said on Wednesday.

"It has been tried out in Australia (in domestic cricket) and the plus and minus points should be looked into," he added. Tendulkar had written a letter to the ICC to change the format of the ODIs from two innings of 50 overs to four of 25 overs like a Test match but the world council's Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat had rejected it.

First impressions: Blackberry Torch 9860!

Out of sheer curiosity and boredom, rather than the need, I picked up the new BlackBerry Torch 9860 yesterday. I was feeling the Blackberry withdrawal symptoms especially since the Bold 9900 was such a disappointment and I hadn’t owned the berry since.

Instant impressions were great however I don't understand why RIM chose to name this device 'Torch' especially since it clearly follows the 'Storm' format. Just like the 9900 I was quite happy with the hardware build quality. The buttons on front are a welcome change from the recessed 'soft' touch ones we've gotten in the past. The back was curved and the phone felt great to hold. The phone was quite responsive too, in fact this is what the original 'Storm' should have been, the on-screen keyboard was the best I've ever used on any BlackBerry handheld, but I still would rate the Windows Phone 7 keyboard higher.

The phone comes loaded with the hyped OS7. But if you’re excited about this platform, you will be irritated by the lack of OS7 applications available on the Appstore. Even if you use the apps meant for an older platform, for some strange reason many of them will cause issues with the device.

The screen is great but it gets nowhere near the quality of the iPhone 4. It has all the other standard features/options that a BlackBerry has to offer. Although it is a great device, the price-point (Rs28,490/-) at which its sold puts it into direct competition with the likes of iPhone 4 and flagship Android phones like Optimus 3D and EVO 3D. Unfortunately, that makes the phone look rather lackluster and hence ends up being disappointing. I honestly feel RIM should get its act together (and fast) because being a BlackBerry loyalist over 6 years now the PlayBook, Bold 9900 and now the Torch 9860 have been huge disappointments.

First impressions: Blackberry Torch 9860!

Out of sheer curiosity and boredom, rather than the need, I picked up the new BlackBerry Torch 9860 yesterday. I was feeling the Blackberry withdrawal symptoms especially since the Bold 9900 was such a disappointment and I hadn’t owned the berry since.

Instant impressions were great however I don't understand why RIM chose to name this device 'Torch' especially since it clearly follows the 'Storm' format. Just like the 9900 I was quite happy with the hardware build quality. The buttons on front are a welcome change from the recessed 'soft' touch ones we've gotten in the past. The back was curved and the phone felt great to hold. The phone was quite responsive too, in fact this is what the original 'Storm' should have been, the on-screen keyboard was the best I've ever used on any BlackBerry handheld, but I still would rate the Windows Phone 7 keyboard higher.

The phone comes loaded with the hyped OS7. But if you’re excited about this platform, you will be irritated by the lack of OS7 applications available on the Appstore. Even if you use the apps meant for an older platform, for some strange reason many of them will cause issues with the device.

The screen is great but it gets nowhere near the quality of the iPhone 4. It has all the other standard features/options that a BlackBerry has to offer. Although it is a great device, the price-point (Rs28,490/-) at which its sold puts it into direct competition with the likes of iPhone 4 and flagship Android phones like Optimus 3D and EVO 3D. Unfortunately, that makes the phone look rather lackluster and hence ends up being disappointing. I honestly feel RIM should get its act together (and fast) because being a BlackBerry loyalist over 6 years now the PlayBook, Bold 9900 and now the Torch 9860 have been huge disappointments.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wanna know about pearls?

Pearls are formed when an irritant, such as a bit of food, grain of sand, bacteria or even a piece of the mollusk's mantle becomes trapped in the mollusk. To protect itself, the mollusk secretes the substances aragonite (a mineral) and conchiolin (a protein) in layers, which results in a pearl. Depending on how the aragonite is arranged, the pearl may have a high luster (nacre, or mother-of-pearl) or a more porcelain-like surface.

Pearls may be a variety of colors, including white, pink and black. Any mollusk can form a pearl, although they are more common in some animals than in others. There are animals known as pearl oysters, which includes species in the genus Pinctada. The species Pinctada maxima (called the gold-lipped pearl oyster or silver-lipped pearl oyster) lives in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific from Japan to Australia and produce pearls known as South Sea Pearls. Other pearl-producing animals include abalones, conchs, pen shells,and whelks.

Pearls may also be found and cultured in freshwater mollusks and are often produced by species collectively called "pearl mussels." Some pearls are cultured - they do not form by chance in the wild, but are helped by humans, who insert a piece of shell, glass or mantle into a mollusk and wait for pearls to form. You can read more about this process here.

These are the parts of an oyster inside the shell:

  • Mouth (palps)
  • Stomach
  • Heart
  • Intestines
  • Gills
  • Anus
  • Abductor muscle
  • Mantle

As the oyster grows in size, its shell must also grow. The mantle is an organ that produces the oyster's shell, using minerals from the oyster's food. The material created by the mantle is called nacre. Nacre lines the inside of the shell.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Go Vegetarian or Vegan!

Is to go vegetarian or vegan, but doing so isn’t just about greening the planet and saving animals — it improves your life as well.

This is a pretty controversial one. But when it comes to going green, going vegetarian or going vegan may be the biggest thing you can do, so it would be a crime not to list it.

The good thing is, there are a lot of reasons why going vegetarian or vegan is good for you, not only for the planet and the animals whose lives you save.

Health and Happiness Benefits of Going Vegetarian

A new study shows that vegetarians are happier! Not a bad reason to go vegetarian. Who doesn’t want to be happier?

Vegetarians also live longer, studies have shown, and the American Dietetic Association (ADA) now recommends a vegetarian diet for its health benefits. So, if you’re interested in living a healthier life & living longer, this is one potential way you can do so.

If you’re still not convinced that it is healthier, check out some of the top athletes and fit celebrities who are (or were) vegetarian or vegan, including:

Carl Lewis (“Athlete of the Century” last century)

Elle Macpherson (“The Body”)

Andre 3000

Billie Jean King (tennis great)

Ricky Williams (yes, the star football running back)

Hank Aaron

Shania Twain

Christain Bale

Josh Hartnett

Orlando Bloom

Kristin Bell

ok, maybe not the most fit, but hard to leave him out — Albert Einstein

many more…

Also, if you missed the news this week, studies have found babies growing breasts due to the growth hormones they put in cows these days (and those hormones making it into babies’ infant formulas).

How Much Greener is Going Vegetarian or Vegan?

Want some facts on how going vegetarian or vegan equates to going green? Here are a few:

eating meat is essentially the third largest net contributor to global warming pollution in the world (behind using motor vehicles and burning household biofuels — mostly wood and animal dung), according to NASA;

a few years ago the United Nations found livestock production to be responsible for 18% of global warming pollution, but more recently the World Watch Institute has found it to be responsible for as much as 51% of global warming pollution;

the energy needed to produce meat and dairy is tremendously more than for most fruits and vegetables (graphs and charts here)

the amount of water needed for meat and dairy production is also much greater.

So, if you’re interested in going green (and possibly even being healthier and happier), go vegetarian or vegan. For a little help on doing so, check out a post I wrote last year on how to go vegetarian or check out the eating vegan series on Eat.Drink..Better.

Real, Milan shocked away from home!

Ten-man Real Madrid crashed to a 1-0 defeat at modest Levante on Sunday, a morale-sapping La Liga setback, coming just 24 hours after bitter rival Barcelona had staged an eight-goal master-class against Osasuna. Real had plenty of possession but Levante defended resolutely. Kaka missed an early chance and Karim Benzema was a danger, but Real's task became a lot harder following the dismissal of Sami Khedira for a second yellow card.

“I think that while we had eleven against eleven we were fine and the opposition never went further than the halfway line,” said Real coach Jose Mourinho. “There are players at Madrid who have not adapted to foul play and are not comfortable with it. One of my players (Khedira) was to blame because he knew what was going to happen.” “However, at the same time, we had a clear penalty which was not given and they should have had a player sent off. We should also have made more of the openings in the first half to win the match.” Napoli tops table A hat-trick from Edinson Cavani gave Napoli a 3-1 comeback win over defending champion AC Milan and top spot in Serie A. Napoli has a perfect six points from two matches and leads the table on goal difference from Juventus, Udinese and Cagliari, while Milan, with just a point from two games, is fourth from bottom. “We're not worried, everything is calm,” said Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Udinese made it two wins from two as it got the better of Fiorentina at Stadio Friuli. Giuseppe Sculli gave Lazio the lead against the club he left in January, but Genoa fought back in the second half to secure a 2-1 victory courtesy of goals from Rodrigo Palacio and Juraj Kucka. Sebastian Giovinco scored a brace, including a winner in injury time, as Parma beat Chievo 2-1, while a Maxi Lopez penalty proved enough for Catania to beat Cesena in Sicily and Lecce ran out 2-0 winner at Bologna. In Sunday's early game, Palermo — conquerors of Inter last weekend — went down 1-0 at Atalanta in a match played in farcical conditions in Bergamo.

The match was delayed for 40 minutes in the second half to give the ground staff a chance to drain a pitch that had become waterlogged in torrential rain, but when the players returned, Palermo was unable to find a reply to German Denis' first-half opener for the host. The results: La Liga: Getafe 0 lost to Rayo Vallecano 1 (Michu 4); Zaragoza 2 (Luis Garcia 29, 90+1) bt Espanyol 1 (Javi Lopez 71); Atletico Madrid 4 (Falcao 23, 36-pen, 55, Adrian 78) bt Racing Santander 0; Levante 1 (Kone 68) bt Real Madrid 0; Athletic Bilbao 2 (De Marcos 37, David Lopez 86-pen) lost to Real Betis 3 (Etxebarria Urkiaga 7, Nacho 13, Sevilla 45+1-pen). Serie A: Atalanta 1 (Denis 34) bt Palermo 0; Bologna 0 lost to Lecce 2 (Giacomazzi 37, Grossmuller 60); Catania 1 (Maxi Lopez 45+2-pen) bt Cesena 0; Lazio 1 (Sculli 11) lost to Genoa 2 (Palacio 54, Kucka 72); Parma 2 (Giovinco 24, 90+2) bt Chievo 1 (Paloschi 80); Siena 0 lost to Juventus 1 (Matri 54); Udinese 2 (di Natale 8-pen, Isla 30) bt Fiorentina 0; Napoli 3 (Cavani 13, 36, 51) bt AC Milan 1 (Aquilani 11).

Monday, September 19, 2011


Google chairman to testify before US Senate antitrust panel!

Google's slogan may be don't be evil, but a growing chorus of antitrust regulators in the United States and Europe wants to know if the company has lived up to that creed.

This week, those concerns - especially whether Google gives its own businesses preferred placement in search results, thwarting competition and harming consumers - will have their most public airing to date, when Google's chairman, Eric E Schmidt, testifies before a Senate antitrust panel. Some of Google's competitors will also testify.

The Senate proceeding is just one of an array of inquiries into Google's behavior by various federal and state authorities in this country, as well as by regulators in Europe and Asia. And though the company and the times are different, there are echoes of a hearing before the same Senate body, the Judiciary antitrust subcommittee, 13 years ago and the last sweeping antitrust investigation of an American technology powerhouse, Microsoft. Later, the federal government, joined by 20 states, filed suit against Microsoft.

"Google is a great American success story, but its size, position and power in the marketplace have raised concerns about its business practices, and raised the question of what responsibilities come with that power," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn, who is a member of the antitrust subcommittee and who as attorney general of Connecticut played a leading role among the states that sued Microsoft.

Today Google, like Microsoft then, is both admired and feared. Google has used the riches from its dominance in search and search advertising to expand into video distribution with YouTube, smartphone software with Android, and Web browsers with Chrome. It has added online commerce offerings in local retail and restaurants, comparison shopping and travel, and has folded them into its search engine, prompting complaints that Google is giving its businesses preferred placement in its search results.

Google executives have consistently replied that its search results are the product of extensive user testing, and do not favor its own offerings. If users become dissatisfied with Google search results, the company argues, they will go elsewhere, to rival search engines like Microsoft's Bing, sites that focus on specific products or services like Yelp, or social networks like Facebook.

"Using Google is a choice," Amit Singhal, a senior engineering manager at Google, wrote on the company's blog in June, after the Federal Trade Commission began its investigation. "And there are lots of other choices available to you for getting information."

Competitors disagree. Yelp, the popular website for user reviews and recommendations for restaurants and other businesses, has noticed a difference in search rankings since Google established its own online businesses, said Jeremy Stoppelman, co-founder and chief executive of Yelp, which gets half its traffic from Google searches.

Two years ago, Google offered to buy Yelp, but the talks broke down. Last year, Google introduced Places, a Yelp-like service for listing businesses and collecting consumer reviews. A Google search for a restaurant typically displays the Places entry - linked to a map, user-generated reviews and other services - ahead of Yelp, Stoppelman said.

A hundred that Mathews will grow to regret!

Test cricket died a little in Colombo today. With a match for the winning and a series to be saved, Angelo Mathews was so consumed by his personal goal that he all but forgot about Sri Lanka's. To score a first Test century is a significant achievement, not least on the subcontinent, where statistical milestones carry plenty of meaning in themselves. But the way Mathews went about getting there, draining the match of much of its remaining life, did a good deal of harm to the game. Cricket is often described as a team game for individuals, and there are times when the single-minded pursuit of a century can be precisely what the side requires.

Sri Lanka needed Mathews to add to the lead, and to occupy the crease for time in the company of the tail. What they did not need was for him to choke up the flow of runs so comprehensively that only 45 runs seeped from 19 overs on the fourth morning, as Australia sat back in the knowledge that a draw would win them the series. Every delivery that Mathews dead-batted cost his team, and gave Australia a greater chance of evading defeat. Every single he refused lessened the hosts' chances of winning the match, squaring the series and keeping fourth spot in the ICC rankings.

And every over of hesitance and indecision reflected badly on Mathews, Sri Lanka and the game itself. The inertia rather reflected the wider state of the Sri Lankan team in this series, as it wrestles with leadership, management and selection changes. This is not a dressing room from which firm directives were necessarily going to be delivered. Nor was it one from which the new captain, Tillakaratne Dilshan, would have declared on Mathews in the 90s, as Michael Atherton did to Graeme Hick at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1995.

He will, in time, take on lessons about the wider interests of the game, and about the need to risk defeat or personal failure in pursuit of a team victory. These are the values that an effective captain must hold, and Mathews will not be ready to lead until the day he can take a dimmer view of his first Test century than he did in the moment he reached it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Planet with two suns 'discovered'!

Astronomers claim to have discovered a planet which orbits two suns, like the fictional planet Tatooine in the " Star Wars" sci-fi film.

An international team, which made the finding through NASA's Kepler spacecraft, says the planet, called Kepler-16b, is about 200 light years from Earth and is believed to be a frozen world of rock and gas, about the size of Saturn.

It orbits two stars that are also circling each other, one about two-thirds the size of our sun, the other about a fifth the size of our sun. Each orbit takes 229 days; the stars eclipse each other every three weeks or so.

Alan Boss, a researcher at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC and a member of the team, was quoted by the media as saying, "You would never get constant daylight because the two stars are so close together.

"They would come together in an eclipse every 20.5 days and then move apart again. As their separation increased, they would go down at different times, and that could make cocktail hour hard."

In fact, the team, led by Laurance Doyle at the Carl Sagan Centre for the Study of Life in the Universe at the Seti Institute in California, spotted the planet after noticing unusual signals in data collected by the Kepler spacecraft.

Images captured by Kepler's camera showed two stars orbiting each other and producing eclipses as they moved in front of one another. Both stars were small in comparison with our own sun, at about 69 and 20 per cent of the sun's mass.

On closer inspection, the footage revealed further eclipses that could not be explained by the movement of the two stars, or an additional third star. Instead, a subtle drop in light from the stars, which amounted to a dimming of only 1.7 per cent, was attributed to an orbiting planet.

The astronomers turned next to a ground-based telescope, the Whipple Observatory in Arizona. With this, they monitored the shifting velocity of the heaviest star as it moved around in its orbit. Those observations gave Doyle's team the details they needed to reconstruct the orbits of the stars and its planet.

They showed that the two suns orbit each other every 41 days at a distance of about 21 million miles. The planet completes a circular orbit around both stars every 229 days at a distance of 65 million miles, according to the findings published in the 'Science' journal.

Josh Carter, another team member, added: "Kepler-16b is the first confirmed, unambiguous example of a circumbinary planet, a planet orbiting not one, but two stars. Once again, we're finding that our solar system is only one example of the variety of planetary systems nature can create."

Cook seeks to end ODI series on a high!

England cricket captain Alastair Cook has said that his side would try to seal the ongoing ODI series against India with a win in the final game, in Cardiff on Friday.

Cook said his side's approach has not changed and they are concentrating on one game at a time, and practicing hard for the last match.

"Yeah, no change really, it's another game to try and win for England and, the way we've practiced over the last two days, we've been very proud of that. We're a very young side trying to make progress and this is another game on that step," he said.

Cook said that a lot of improvements are needed in the English team to make them an effective side. He said he was fortunate as a captain to have taken the right decisions at the right time, and said that he was enjoying leading the side.

"Yeah, it's been a good start. I'm very happy at the way the lads are taking to me as captain. They all pour into the ideas and as I said, it's going to take a while for these things we want to work on, to get to the standard we want," he said.

Cook said that while the ODI series has seen some keen contests between the two teams, it was England's exceptional performance in the Test series that gave them the winning momentum.

Cook was also all praise for Rahul Dravid, who will retire from the ODI format after Friday's game.

"Yeah, he's scored 10,000 runs in both forms of the game and is a stalwart of Indian cricket. He's a fantastic player who's managed to adapt his game to every surface. He is an all-time great and a fantastic player," Cook said.

England lead the ODI series against India 2-0, seeking to end the series unbeaten after winning the Test series 4-0, and also winning the solitary Twenty20 game between the two sides.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raise a fork: Pure maple syrup may be good for liver!

Pancake and cossack lovers, adapt to accession your forks. New analysis suggests a diet that includes authentic maple abstract may advice to advance alarmist health.

Researchers from the University of Tokyo, led by Dr. Keiko Abe, fed class rats a diet consisting of 20 per cent authentic maple syrup, and compared their alarmist bloom to that of rats fed with a 20 per cent abstract mixture, with a agnate amoroso content.

The study, to be appear in the November affair of the science account Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry, begin afterwards 11 canicule on the maple amoroso diet, the rats had "significantly decreased" amounts of specific alarmist enzymes, the levels of which are acclimated to analysis alarmist damage.

Using nutrigenomics, the abstraction of the furnishings of foods on gene expression, the advisers additionally begin the maple abstract diet acquired genes complex in the assembly of adverse ammonia in the alarmist to be beneath active.

However, as the abstraction so far, has been agitated out application alone rats, the allowances of arresting maple abstract for bodies is not yet understood, said Dr. Melissa Palmer, analytic assistant of anesthetic and administrator of hepatology at New York University Plainview.

"Further studies charge to be done in adjustment to prove these after-effects on bodies afore we can accomplish any recommendations," said Palmer, a alarmist bloom specialist who was not complex in the study.

Palmer said the abstraction confirms the role of affairs choices, such as poor diet, accent and abridgement of exercise, accept on alarmist function.

"If maple abstract did about-face out to be benign to the animal liver, it would be benign for patients to accept a sweetener, such as maple syrup, as against to authentic sugar, an bogus abstract or addition blazon of sweetener," said Palmer.

Palmer said the bloom allowances of maple abstract for rats are acceptable a aftereffect of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are agnate to allowances of phenols begin in red wine and blueberries, and in the flavonoids begin in grapefruits.

"We've apparent this in added types of foods, but the bulk you accept to booty and how benign it would be, we don't apperceive yet," said Palmer.

The allegation appear afterwards a contempo abstraction from scientists at the University of Rhode Island appropriate maple abstract contains cancer-fighting antioxidant compounds that may additionally advice in the administration of Blazon 2 diabetes.

While the alarmist abstraction does action an absorbing hypothesis, Dr. Eric Yoshida, armchair of the medical advising board for the Canadian Alarmist Foundation, said the aerial sucrose agreeable of maple abstract poses a greater bloom accident that could outweigh any abeyant benefits.

According to the Canadian Alarmist Foundation, the best accepted anatomy of alarmist ache in Canada is blubbery alarmist disease.

The abstraction was adjourned by the Conseil cascade le developpement de l'agriculture du Quebec and Agriculture and Agri-Food, on account of the Canadian Maple Abstract Industry and the Federation of Quebec Maple Abstract Producers.

AC Milan did not play catenaccio against Barcelona, claims Adriano Galliani!

The San Siro side's vice-president has dedicated the Italians' appropriate access at Camp Nou, advertence they were artlessly pushed aback by their opponents in Champions League thriller.

AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani has insisted that his side's appearance of comedy in Tuesday's 2-2 Champions League draw adjoin Barcelona was not catenaccio but was alone a aftereffect of the Catalans' acute burden at Camp Nou.

The Serie A champions were pushed aback into their own bisected for ample genitalia of the bold and hardly created any opportunities in their Group H encounter, but Galliani has declared that Milan did not intend to avert in numbers above-mentioned to the match.

"What we did was not catenaccio. You are artlessly affected to avert this abysmal adjoin Barcelona, because they accumulate control so well. You hardly get the adventitious to attack," Galliani was quoted as adage by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Barcelona are amazing with the brawl at their feet. They enjoyed 70 per cent control and we were clumsy to win the brawl from them.

"The defence did a abundant job though, and Thiago Silva and [Alessandro] Nesta in accurate were impressive. We struggled a bit to cope with Dani Alves, but that afflicted with the access of [Urby] Emanuelson."

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ice samples show climate capable of abrupt changes!

Samples accomplished from Greenland’s ice bedding accept befuddled up intitial clues that our altitude is able of actual accelerated and rather brusque changes, according to an all-embracing aggregation of scientists.

Such affirmation is provided by the accession of layers of age-old snow, absorption to anatomy the ice-sheets we see today.

Each ice band can acknowledge accomplished temperatures and alike affirmation for the timing and consequence of abroad storms or agitable eruptions.

Until now such temperature annal from Greenland accept covered alone the aftermost 100,000 years or so, the account Science reports.

An all-embracing team, led by Stephen Barker of Cardiff University, has produced a anticipation of what altitude annal from Greenland ability attending like over the aftermost 800,000 years, according to a Cardiff statement.

Barker is appear saying: ‘Our access is based on an beforehand advancement that the almanac of Antarctic temperature airheadedness could be acquired from the Greenland record.

‘However, we angry this abstraction on its arch to acquire a abundant best almanac for Greenland application the accessible annal from Antarctica,’ added Baker.

The analysis demonstrates that brusque altitude change has been a systemic affection of Earth’s altitude for hundreds of bags of years and may comedy an alive role in best appellation altitude variability.

'We're in America!': Williams loses her cool and the US Open!

Volatile Serena Williams's animal US Open accident threatened to adumbrate Sam Stosur's blithely composed straight-sets win as the Australian acclaimed her aboriginal grand-slam achievement in New York today. The Williams abuse - her additional in a accident US Open bout - affronted a flood of animadversion on amusing media, with accusations of arbitrary behaviour. The bout took a acrimonious about-face at the end of the aperture bold of the additional set back Williams, already a set down, alleged out "c'mon" as Stosur lunged for a attempt on the baseline. Chair adjudicator Eva Asdaraki penalised the three-time US Open best beneath the intentional-hindrance rule, bidding an affronted acknowledgment from the American. "Aren't you the one who busted me over aftermost time?," said Williams, allegedly ambagious Ms Asdaraki with addition umpire. "That is actually not cool." Her tirade, acutely best up by courtside microphones, connected during the break, with a built-in Williams battlefront exact volleys at the umpire. "If you anytime see me walking bottomward the hall, attending the added way," Williams said. "Because you're out of control, you're out of control. You're not alone out of control, you're a hater, and you're aloof airedale inside. Who would do such a thing? And I never complain. Wow! Then she said to a ballgirl: "Can I get a water?" And again, at Ms Asdaraki: "What, am I activity to get abandoned for a water? Don't alike attending at me! I swear you, don't attending at me, 'cause I am not a [inaudible]. Don't. Look. My. Way." A adept umpire, the Greek Ms Asderaki, was officiating at her aboriginal admirable bang final.

Williams was complex in a bent US Open access in her 2009 semi-final defeat to Kim Clijsters. She abused a lineswoman during the close bout and a amends point closed her fate in a 6-4, 7-5 defeat.Twitter and Facebook were animate with animadversion in the deathwatch of today's confrontation: "You epitomise a bad sport," wrote Jackatko on Twitter."You actively charge to apprentice how to booty a beating, your sportsmanship is actually pathetic," wrote Moorey 21. On the cilia #thingsthatshouldbebanned, Michael Gibson wrote: "I would say @serenawilliams for her abridgement of account to the adjudicator today."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meteorites delivered gold to Earth!

Scientists accept apparent that the Earth's apparent became accomplished with adored metals by impacting meteorites.

The Earth's band and crimson has appreciably added gold than accepted from favoured models of all-embracing formation.

A abstraction from the University of Bristol looked at some of the oldest rocks on Earth, demonstrating that gold was delivered by meteorites continued afterwards their formation.

Their after-effects are appear in Nature.While the Earth was forming, adamant sank to the centre of the planet, basic the core.

Any adored metals in the all-embracing mix would accept gone with this adamant and concentrated in the core, abrogation the crimson bare of elements such as gold, platinum, and osmium.

But this is not what we observe. In fact, the silicate crimson has up to 1,000 times added gold than anticipated.

Several affidavit for this accessory were proposed in the past, including commitment by meteorites, although until now it has not been accessible to prove.

By barometer isotopes in rocks that are about four billion years old from Greenland, the aggregation has managed to date the gold delivery, and to chronicle it to an accident accepted as the "terminal bombardment".

Impact theory

Earth formed by a snowball-effect accepted as accession 4.55 billion years ago. The adamant amount with its accompanying admixture of adored metals formed actual anon afterwards that, aural aloof a few actor years.

A final appulse of a Mars sized anatomy with the Earth formed the Moon and finalised our planet's formation. By this time all gold would be bound up in the core.

A final admission of meteorite impacts about 3.9 billion years ago is accepted as the "terminal bombardment" and acquired the cratering that we still see on the Moon.

Gold asset Theories could not explain why there was so abundant gold on Earth's surface.It was during this aftermost appulse accident that the gold which we can admission in the band was delivered.

"The accommodation of gold and added adored metals are difficult to admeasurement because they apply into nuggets, and we charge to analyse a lot of rocks to get allusive data." said advance researcher Dr Matthias Willbold.

They accept accordingly developed a way of cogent this arresting news of gold's exoteric agent application a absolutely altered aspect - tungsten.

Tungsten acts actual analogously to adored metals like gold, but chiefly it comes in altered forms, or isotopes.The aggregation accept looked at the accommodation of the altered isotopes in avant-garde rocks and in the best age-old rocks in Greenland.

They begin a baby but cogent aberration in the proportions, advertence that the avant-garde rocks had accustomed a dosage of tungsten, and accordingly additionally gold, from meteorites.

The Greenland rocks showed no such enrichment, giving a date to the ascribe of gold. This date corresponds to the time of the terminal battery about 3.9 billion years ago.

During this time, the Earth would accept been hit with 20 billion billion tonnes of asteroid material, although "it is not bright whether this would accept appear in the anatomy of abounding baby impacts, or aloof two or three mega-impacts", Dr Willbold said.

The analysis accumulation at the University of Bristol are the aboriginal to auspiciously accomplish such high-quality abstracts of tungsten in age-old rocks, but so far accept alone analysed samples from Greenland.

"We achievement to acquisition more," said Dr Willbold, "and attending at a time arrangement for one billion years afterwards the Greenland rocks, to see how the tungsten aberration develops."

India get set to take on Pakistan in hockey final!

Their aplomb boundless afterwards an best run in the alliance stage, a active India will lock horn with arch-rivals Pakistan in what promises to be a cracker of a final in the countdown Asian Champions Trophy hockey clash on Sunday.

After their pulsating 2-2 draw in the accumulation bout on Friday, the date is set for addition blood-tingling appointment amid the acceptable rivals.

In the accumulation match, India fought aback afterwards actuality 0-2 bottomward as both teams played a alert bold absorbed on extensive the final.

Sunday should see a abstruseness as both accept annihilation to lose, admitting the hockey admirers in both the nations would adulation to see their corresponding teams to triumph.

India accept done able-bodied to ability the final. Critics and a host of above players believed that the aggregation after the stars will not be able to deliver. But Michael Nobbs' aggregation has afraid many.

India is the alone best aggregation in the championship and with a ambition aberration of +7, it is advanced of the others in the scoring department.

The advanced band has been India's better trump agenda in the Champions Trophy. From the moment, they exhausted China 5-0, the drive was there to aback aback on.

Twice, India has fought aback from deficits adjoin Malaysia they were accident 1-2 and drew the bout 2-2. Adjoin Pakistan they were bottomward 0-2 and fought aback with two goals.

"This aggregation has handled burden like pros. They bare an allurement and now the aggregation has got it by arena a final. Whatever the result, we will bandy aggregate into the match," India's drillmaster Nobbs said.

If the Indian aggregation administration has to anguish about something, it is the abortion to catechumen the amends corners. Nobbs is not too afraid but does accept that the players do appear beneath pressure.

India accept had 23 amends corners in the clash and has alone denticulate thrice. Rupinder Pal Singh afar from scoring off two PC's has additionally adapted a achievement adjoin South Korea.

"The botheration is not about conversion, it's about the rusher advancing anon at the flicker," said Nobbs.

"It's a FIH charge that the rusher should not run anon to the flicker. So what happens is that Pakistan is active beeline to the flicker."

"I will apparently accept a allocution with the umpires and it is bright they are not reviewing the matches. But back our rusher ran straight, the adjudicator hauled him up. There needs to be a bright constant band in umpiring."

But it's not alone about the aberration of rules. India has bootless to allurement the brawl neatly for the beam to accept a go and adjoin Pakistan, every amends bend will be account its weight in gold.

Nobbs is actual bright about the final that the Indians will bandy aggregate into attack."We don't comedy for draws or defensive. We go for wins and we go for goals," he said.

This band of arena advancing hockey has been constant with the Indian team. Or as Nobbs says, "fortune favours the brave."

Pakistan captain Muhammad Imran does feel the burden of an India-Pakistan final.

"The accessible wants both the countries to win. Unfortunately, alone one nation can win and that adds to the pressure. But we will go all out and ensure that acceptable and advancing hockey in the accurate Asian appearance is played," he said.

Pakistan has a apathetic defence and sometimes it is apparent that they accept been apathetic in warding off counter-attacks. Imran believes the final will be a altered brawl game.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

The 'missing link' - scientists discover our 'earliest' ancestors!

Scientists in South Africa say they accept apparent a abeyant missing articulation in the evolutionary chain, afterwards they affirmation to accept begin the fossilised charcoal of our ancient ancestors.

Australopithecus sediba, whose charcoal were apparent in a South African cavern three years ago, had a continued deride and almost abbreviate fingers like avant-garde man, and a academician shaped added like that of a animal than a chimpanzee.

Until now it was believed that our ancient identifiable ancestors were Homo habilis or Homo rudolfensis, fossils begin in East Africa. But the anew apparent creature, declared in bristles affidavit in the account Science today, is several hundred thousand years older.

Prof Lee Berger, from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, said: “The abounding actual avant-garde appearance begin in the academician and body, and the beforehand date, accomplish it possibly the best applicant antecedent for our genus, the brand Homo.”

Back spasms force Paes out of US Open!

In what would appear as a massive draft to India's affairs in the Davis Cup, tennis ace Leander Paes pulled out of the US Open alloyed doubles semifinals due to aback spasms which additionally makes him ambiguous for the World Group playoff tie adjoin Japan abutting week.

Paes and his Russian accomplice Elena Vesnina, seeded seventh, gave a breeze to dormant Americans Melanie Oudin and Jack Sock in the alloyed doubles semifinals due to the Indian's aback problem.

"Rough day for Leander, aback spasms during the doubles. Out of alloyed and now in agnosticism for Davis cup too..hmmmm," tweeted his men's doubles accomplice Mahesh Bhupathi.

Paes and Bhupathi were agape out of the men's doubles quarterfinal afterwards accident to Poland's Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Marcin Matkowski in beeline sets.

The sixth seeded Polish duo won 6-4 7-6 (7-4) in an hour and 43 account adjoin the fourth seeded in Indian pair.

India's Davis Cup tie adjoin Japan is appointed from September 16 to 18 in the Japanese basic of Tokyo.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Asian Champions Trophy: India settle for draw against Malaysia!

The Indian hockey aggregation connected its best run by angry aback from a ambition bottomward to authority Malaysia 2-2 on Wednesday but is still not assured of a abode in the final of the Asian Champions Trophy here.

The scorers for India were Ravi Pal (9th) and Danish Mujtaba (52nd). For Malaysia, the goals were addled by Tajuddin Jalil (24th) and Muhammad Amin Rahim (32nd).

India bare a win to be assured of a abode in the final. A win adjoin Malaysia would accept accustomed the Indians 10 credibility and a atom in the final depending on the Korea-Pakistan bout to be played afterwards on Wednesday.

India plays Pakistan on Friday in what will be a basic semi-final for both the teams.

Pakistan and Korea are on six credibility each. With the draw, Malaysia is out of the reckoning for a abode in the final as they are on four points. India are now on eight credibility with this draw.

India were in advance approach appropriate at the alpha as Gurwinder Singh Chandi fabricated his accepted run into the Malaysian amphitheater but the aboriginal few appeals for amends corners were not accustomed by the umpire.

A agnate advance amid Chandi, Mujtaba and Sunil additionally resulted in a affray but the amends bend did not appear India`s way.

India, however, got the ambition in the ninth minute aback Sunil attempt into the amphitheater and it went off the Malaysian goalkeeper Roslan Jamaluddin`s pads. Ravi Pal best up the aerial backlash and whacked it into goal. Malaysia started assertive the midfield afterwards that, blame the Indians back. Even the assiduously fell aback to arresting as Malaysia rode on a beachcomber of attacks into the Indian half.

They becoming three amends corners and assuredly got the equaliser off the third aback Tajuddin Jalil deflected in the flick accomplished the Indian goalkeeper Sreejes in the 25th minute.

India had a amends bend but yet afresh couldn`t allurement the brawl cleanly, the culprit this time actuality Ignace Tirkey.

India did appear abutting a brace of times aback the tries of Sunil and Walmiki were adored by Roslan in the Malaysian goal. In the 32nd minute, Malaysia took the advance off an abominable Indian error. A chargeless brawl central the Indian arresting amphitheater with no Malaysian in sight, Sreejes came out charging and kicked the brawl adjoin an Indian defender`s leg as the adjudicator acicular for Malaysia`s fourth amends corner.

Muhammad Amin denticulate off a absolute flick. The Indians were now ashamed as the errors army with the defenders and midfielders clumsy to bright or canyon the brawl properly.

At the break, Malaysia led 2-1. The additional bisected was a frentic action for supremacy. Gone was the bristles advanced blueprint for both the teams as they battled it out for brawl possession.

Malaysia had the bend and they won four afterwards amends corners afterwards resumption but couldn`t account of any. Off their eighth amends corner, Sreejes brought off a ablaze save deflecting the brawl abroad to the blow line. In the 43rd minute, India becoming their third amends bend adjoin the run of comedy but Rupinder Pal Singh bootless to flick the ball.

India`s bad run on the amends corners continued. Struggling adjoin the absolute appearance of the Malaysians, India assuredly managed to breach their authority in the 53rd minute aback Gurbaz confused bottomward the appropriate abut and centered blithely as a diving Danish Mujtaba beatific the brawl into the ambition for the equaliser.

The equaliser sparked of a chase for the match-winner from both the teams. Malaysia did authority the bend as they confused abundant added calmly again the Indians.

The delivery that India displayed adjoin the Koreans wasn`t there. Probably arena two matches aural the amplitude of 20 hours had taken its toll.

In the dying minutes, India becoming their fourth amends bend but Rupinder Pal Singh attempt beeline appear Roslan in the Malaysian goal.

A few added aciculate affairs came India`s way but the Malaysian defence did able-bodied to bright them. Malaysia about denticulate in the 68th minute aback Tajuddin begin himself central the arresting amphitheater with alone Sreejes in advanced but fumbled as Raghunath austere the brawl away.

Vodafone launches Facebook Phone!

Vodafone Essar launched its facebook phone-'Vodafone Blue',to put the Facebook acquaintance into the handset. The Vodafone Blue, developed in accord with Facebook, brings the qualities of a archetypal Smart buzz calm with accepted amusing networking functions – from cachet updates to administration a photo – into the easily of millions of bodies in an attractive, automatic adaptable phone, competitively priced at MRP. Rs 4950/- (inclusive of all taxes) only.

Vodafone Blue has a appointed F button that lets the user upload pictures, appointment profiles; amend cachet at a distinct click. The buzz takes Facebook affiliation to a altered date by accouterment all kinds of updates as counters, notifications, and displays Facebook posts consistently in the background. Additionally, Vodafone Blue will be launched in India, with absolute admission to Facebook for a year from the date of its purchase.

Friday, September 2, 2011

US Open: Sania, Paes win in doubles!

India's attack in the singles accident at the US Open came to an end with Somdev Devvarman accident his aperture annular tie to Andy Murray but Leander Paes and Sania Mirza kept the country's hopes animate by acceptable in the doubles competitions with their corresponding partners.

Sania, who angled out of the singles accident Tuesday, commutual up with Russia's Elena Vesnina to cruise accomplished America's Samantha Crawford and Madison Key 6-2, 6-0 in the aperture annular of the women's doubles actuality Wednesday.

Sania-Vesnina, seeded sixth, will accommodated Russian Vitalia Diatchenko and Olga Savchuk of Ukraine in the additional round.

Vesnina afterwards angry up with Leander to exhausted Russian Nadia Petrova and Scotsman Jamie Murray 6-2, 6-7, 10-6 in a boxy aboriginal annular bout of the alloyed doubles. The Indo-Russian duo will comedy Yung-Jan Chan and Mariusz Fyrstenberg in the abutting round.

Somdev gave a boxy action to the 24-year-old Andy Murray, adolescent brother of Jamie, afore departure the tournament. The Indian bankrupt him alert in his aperture account bold and continued the set to a tie-break. The Scotsman was fabricated to assignment adamantine but came through 7-6(7-5), 6-2, 6-3 on a hot afternoon in New York.

Andy, who absent the 2008 final at Flushing Meadows to Roger Federer, fabricated a afraid alpha as he alone his serve anon and alike afterwards accepting aback on akin agreement at 3-3 he struggled to breach chargeless of the World No.64.

Somdev had his adventitious at 3-1, but a double-fault amount him and brought Andy akin and the Briton went on to catechumen his third set point.

"He is actual solid. I accept apparent a little bit of him before. I watched a few videos of him the aftermost brace of canicule aloof to see what his bold was like. He doesn't accord you abounding chargeless points, abnormally aboriginal on in the match. You accept to get him to assignment adamantine afore he starts authoritative mistakes," Andy said of Somdev.

"I was a little bit afraid at the alpha and authoritative some bad decisions. Then already I calmed down, I acquainted more acceptable the average of the aboriginal set and started hitting the brawl a little bit better. The additional and third sets were good. I was hitting the brawl appealing clean," he said.

The new Honda Brio revealed!

The Japanese carmaker that is still the criterion in affordable affluence in India, burnt its easily with its aboriginal baby car Jazz two years ago. But it is back, with a smaller, meaner and added chiefly a cheaper product, what would be its additional baby car-the Brio. To be launched on September 27, India would alone be the additional bazaar for the car but affectation the better claiming in its all-around run.

We don’t apperceive the appraisement of the car yet, neither do we apperceive how abounding variants it will accept (my assumption is 3). So lets broadly attending at what we apperceive about the car.


Honda cars accept a way of actualization baby than what they absolutely are but alike again the Brio is a absolutely absolutely baby car….and looks alike added so. Among its competitors (wift, Polo, Liva and i20) it is by far the beeline has the atomic amplitude and is taller than alone the Polo.

Headlamp and grille

All the elements additionally point appear how baby the car is. It has a abbreviate chrome grille with the honda logo emblazoned on it takes up about the absolute amplitude and alike the almond shaped headlamps are ample in ambience but baby in comparison.

Tail lamps

This is a array of a alone breadth in baby cars about as if manufacturers get apathetic by the time they accomplish it to the back. Which is ironic, because these are baby cars afterwards all and appropriately there is beneath absolute acreage to design.

The Brio’s appendage lamps however, are one of its added arresting features. The traingular array fits in neatly at the rear bend of the car. It gels so able-bodied with the car that if it would not glow, you may alike absence its presence.

Boot lid

Which brings us to the cossack lid, which I am abiding would be a talking point. The Brio does not accept a accepted cossack lid and its bear is comprised of aloof the ample bottle that goes all the way up. As such the anatomy is aerial which is not absolutely a acceptable affair for loading-unloading, but the anarchistic lid abiding gives the car a character.

Fuel economy

Its small, its light, and it has a big heart, absolutely its frugal too. In Thailand which is Brio’s aboriginal market, it is awash as an eco car that agency it boasts of an abridgement of 20 kmpl. In India the agent is retuned sliglhltly to accomplish it added revv blessed and appropriately abridgement is hardly lower at 18.4 kmpl. It is lower than the fresh Swift but not by much.


Jury is out now, and the judgement is awaited. My anticipation is, prices would alpha at Rs 3.99 lakh or maybe alike lower. The top end with ABS and airbags should appear at about 4.6 lakh ex showroom. Anything more, and I would basis for the Jazz instead. Now that it costs alone Rs 5.5 lakh (ex shopwroom with airbags, ABS) I already am.