Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here is the scientific proof for existence of unicon!!!!!

Worldwide Love Affair

Unicorns are not found in Greek mythology, but rather in accounts of natural history, for Greek writers of natural history were convinced of the reality of the unicorn, which they located in India, a distant and fabulous realm for them. The earliest description is from Ctesias who described them as wild asses, fleet of foot, having a horn a cubit and a half in length and colored white, red and black.Aristotle must be following Ctesias when he mentions two one-horned animals, the oryx (a kind of antelope) and the so-called "Indian ass".Strabo says that in the Caucasus there were one-horned horses with stag-like heads.

Pliny the Elder mentions the oryx and an Indian ox (perhaps a rhinoceros) as one-horned beasts, as well as "a very fierce animal called the monoceros which has the head of the stag, the feet of the elephant, and the tail of the boar, while the rest of the body is like that of the horse; it makes a deep lowing noise, and has a single black horn, which projects from the middle of its forehead, two cubits in length." In On the Nature of Animals (Aelian, quoting Ctesias, adds that India produces also a one-horned horse (iii. 41; iv. 52) and says (xvi. 20) that the monoceros (Greek: μονόκερως) was sometimes called cartazonos (Greek: καρτάζωνος), which may be a form of the Arabic karkadann, meaning "rhinoceros"

There is unicorn mythology from all corners of the world, however, everyone has to make that call for themselves, even though most of us will continue to believe somewhere deep in our hearts. Perhaps that’s how they do exist, because so many people wish it to be true.
A Real Unicorn Skeleton?

This is convincing, although I doubt it’s validity. I was able to find news of a unicorn skeleton exhibition, but it was difficult to tell if it was this that was displayed.

It’s probably just a goat skeleton, but that doesn’t dull it’s cool factor.

Just like a Tiffany’s box, the packaging really sells it. Put a goat skeleton in a box with unicorns on the lid and viola you have unearthed a mythical being. I’m not a total skeptic, but you’d think if someone found a real live unicorn skeleton there would be news about it somewhere.
The horn on the nose is really what looks fishy, however if it isn’t real it is a well done fake.

A Scientific Letdown

This guy doesn’t buy it, he’s a man of science and the scientific method has no time for magical horse beings, no matter how beautiful they are.So, for all of you unicorn lovers out there, (and I know there is a lot of you) I put together a list of some of the best unicorn books I could find.

A coming of age story set in a mythical land where a young girl brings a unicorn skeleton come to life. In doing so unwittingly becomes part of an adventure that leads to an ancient prophecy. 

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