Saturday, September 22, 2012

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Similar Genes Responsible For Stripes on King Cheetah and Tabby Cats:

 Ever imagined as to how king cheetah and tabby cat share one similar characteristic: stripes? Now most importantly the question is as to how these mammals got their stripes?

A team of scientists surely have an answer to it. They suggest that the genes due to which the cheetah gets its distinctive stripe, similar genes play a role in departing beautiful feature on the tabby cat.
Scientists of the study examined the information provided by HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Alabama, and the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research and discovered that same genes were corresponding to the stripes on the cheetah and tabby cat.

Stephen O'Brien, one of the researchers who led the study, said, “Nobody had any idea what the genes were that were involved in these things. When the feline genome became available, we began to look for them”.

The commonly found king cheetah, a type of cheetah, in South Africa has been proposed to be having characteristic stripes, which are of the same kind as that found in tabby cats in Europe.
Further, it was asserted that cat owners prefer to have marks on the tabby cats, while cheetah is made to move out in the wild environment.

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