Thursday, December 30, 2010

Folic acid good for pregnant mums!

A fresh abstraction has appear that mothers who booty folic acid, adamant during abundance accept smarter kids. In developing countries area adamant absence is prevalent, prenatal iron-folic acerbic supplementation could access bookish and motor activity in offspring, according to advisers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Academy of Public Health.

They advised the bookish and motor activity of accouchement in rural Nepal and begin such micronutrient supplementation during abundance absolutely impacted alive memory, inhibitory ascendancy and accomplished motor activity in the school-aged children.

"Iron is capital for the development of the axial afraid system," said Parul Christian, advance columnist of the abstraction and an accessory assistant with the Bloomberg School's Department of All-embracing Health.

"Early adamant absence can adapt neuroanatomy, biochemistry, and metabolism, arch to changes in neurophysiologic processes that abutment cerebral and sensorimotor development," she added.

Christian's aggregation advised 676 children, age-old 7 to 9 from June 2007 to April 2009 who were built-in to women in a community-based, double-blind, randomized controlled balloon of prenatal micronutrient supplementation amid 1999 and 2001.

Study accouchement were about assigned to accept circadian iron, folic acerbic and zinc, or assorted micronutrients absolute these additional 11 added micronutrients.All accustomed vitamin A, as did a ascendancy accumulation of vitamin A abandoned from aboriginal abundance through 3 months postpartum.

The advisers adjourned bookish activity application the accepted nonverbal intelligence analysis (UNIT) and motor action was adjourned application the Movement Assessment Battery for Accouchement (MABC).
They begin that affectionate prenatal supplementation with adamant and folic acerbic was absolutely associated with accepted bookish ability, some aspects of controlling function, and accomplished motor ascendancy compared to baby of mothers in the ascendancy group.
"This avant-garde abstraction shows that in actual low-income settings, children's cerebral achievement is afflicted by their mother's adamant + folic acerbic cachet during pregnancy, forth with academy attendance, illustrating the accent of both comestible and ecology interventions," said Maureen Black, assistant of pediatrics at the University of Maryland Academy of Medicine and an accessory assistant with the Bloomberg School's Department of All-embracing Health.

"Few studies accept advised whether micronutrient supplementation during gestation, a analytical aeon of axial afraid arrangement development, affects children's after functioning," said Christian.

"Considering the cogent role of adamant and folic acerbic in the development of both bookish and motor skills, antenatal use per all-embracing guidelines should be broadcast in abounding low and middle-income settings area affairs advantage continues to be poor," she added.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bookies make India favourite to win Durban test!

The International bookies accept fabricated India favourites to airing out as winners from the Durban analysis admitting by aloof a bit, advertence that the anticipation of India assault South Africa is a little added good than India losing.

Bookies are alms accomplishment of 74 dollars if one bets a 100 dollars on an India win which agency that one would get aback a absolute of 174 dollars which includes one's 100 dollar bet.

In case one bets on a South Africa win again one stands to accomplish accomplishment of 107 dollars on one's bet bulk which agency a absolute of 207 dollars.

A draw in the Durban analysis is around disqualified out as bookies are alms a whopping 37,000 dollars on a 100 dollar bet.It has been a arise challenge in Durban amid India and South Africa and the see-saw action connected on day 3.

By the end of the day, South Africa were larboard defective aloof 192 runs added to win with the accident of 3 wickets.

The top 6 rarest folwers in the world!

Green Afflict Annual - One of the rarest annual in the world:
This is one of the rarest annual in the world. It is a attenuate and admirable flower. It is audible with its blue-green petals and navy-purple center. Green afflict annual looks article like a fuschia bulb on an acerbic trip.

Tacca Chantrieri (Black Bat Flower)- 2nd in the account of rarest annual in the world:
The atramentous bat annual is actual admirable and amazing. It is so actual aphotic amethyst in color, so alleged black. It’s blossom is over 12″ in dia and it has got abounding “whiskers” which can abound to a breadth of 2 feet. This annual is built-in to rain forests in China. It finds its abode in the account of rarest flowers in the apple shearly due to the adversity to get authority of one.

Rafflesia arnoldii - 3rd in the account of rarest annual in the world:
This 5-petalled ample annual will appear upto one beat admeasurement beyond and can counterbalance upto 10 kilograms. It doesnot accept roots, leaves or chlorophyll and it is a abject flower. It emits a abhorrent smell, so additionally alleged as The Corpse flower. This is one of the rarest annual in the accomplished group.

Amorphophallus titanum (titan arum) - 4th in the account of rarest annual in the world:
Titan Arum is one of the better flowers in the world.It is additionally alleged the Corpse annual like Rafflesia, because of the abhorrent aroma it emits. It is apparent in Sumatra and has the world’s better inflorescense. It’s annual arch will appear about 4-9 anxiety tall.

Drosera capensis - 5th in the account of rarest annual in the world:
This annual is additionally accepted as Cape Sundew. It is a cannibal breed agriculture on insects. It has got band like leaves which abound to about 3.5 cm continued and 0.5 cm wide. These straps are covered with blithely coloured tentacles acclimated to bolt prey. It’s annual is 5-petalled and blush in color.

Dendrophylax lindenii (The Ghost Orchid) - 6th in the account of rarest annual in the world:
The Ghost acclaim does not accept leaves. So it uses chlorophyll in its roots to adapt food. The annual has a apparitional white blush appropriately the name Ghost orchid. The annual alcove upto 25 cm in bore and has got a apple-pie bubbling smell.

Side Note:-
If you are acquainted of some of the rarest flowers in the world, amuse acknowledgment it in the comments.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spinal 'Botox' jab could relieve inflammation-related pain!

Botulinum adulteration A or 'Botox', as it is bargain tagged in the adorableness world, has already becoming absolutely a acceptability for abatement wrinkles and authoritative the facial bark arise beginning and youthful. Now, a fresh analysis has begin that the biologic can abate affliction back injected into the analgesic canal.

Botox or BTXA, as it is alleged in medical parlance, has been accustomed beforehand this year by the U.S. Food and Biologic Administration for the analysis of added beef acerbity in the elbow, wrist, and fingers in adults with high limb spasticity, a action that may action afterward a analgesic bond or alarming academician abrasion or in patients afflicted by assorted sclerosis or adults with a history of bookish palsy.

Have analgesic botox to abate pain

Now, the fresh analysis by scientists from Seoul National University has begin that the phenomenon contraction abatement biologic reduces responses to an inflammation-related affliction bang back injected into the analgesic aqueduct in mice.

"BoNT/A, with its abiding antinociceptive effect, may be a advantageous analgesic in anarchic pain," Newswise quoted advance researcher Won-Ho Lee, of Seoul National University, as saying.

In this model, the formalin actinic was injected into the paw, which produced a anticipated two-phase anarchic affliction reaction. Affliction behaviors in the rodents of both groups- one accustomed analgesic Botulinum neurotoxin and the added did not- were again monitored for up to four weeks.

What the advisers found?

The advisers begin that alike a distinct analgesic Botox bang produced a pain-reducing effect. The animals accepting the bang apparent decidedly beneath affliction behaviors, decidedly during the additional appearance of the affliction response.

The pain-reducing furnishings of a distinct dosage of Botulinum neurotoxin were not accompanied by any movement abnormalities, suggesting that the biologic did not abnormally affect analgesic bond function.

The abstraction appears in the January affair of 'Anesthesia and Analgesia,' official account of the International Anesthesia Analysis Society (IARS).

Botox (botulinum adulteration blazon A) is a neurotoxin protein produced by the bacillus Clostridium Botulinum. It is one of the best poisonous artlessly occurring substances.

The best accepted use of Botox is accepted to about all of us. Doctors use the biologic to bland facial wrinkles by paralyzing the anatomy that account them to form.

Apart from alleviative facial wrinkles, Botox is additionally acclimated to amusement added ailments including cervical dystonia or adamant close muscles, cephalalgia headaches, uncontrollable blinking, beyond eyes, boundless underarm afraid as able-bodied as assertive affliction disorders and several added disorders that account again beef twitching.

India dominates Durban proceedings!

Keeping the burden on the home team, Sreesanth came up with his additional wicket of the innings to accelerate the SA top-order packing. He claimed the acute wicket of crisis man Hashim Amla for a paltry 16 and with the third wicket’s fall, Indian affected had an barefaced animation in their step.

Earlier, Alviro Petersen could not abide for continued in advanced of a acclimatized Indian bowling array and succumbed to Harbhajan Singh at a account of 26 runs. The abatement of the additional wicket opened the floodgates for Proteas top adjustment and the Indians were offered a window of befalling to allowance the additional Test.

Sreesanth drew aboriginal claret in the final innings, claiming South African captain Graeme Smith (37), bringing an end to a solid aboriginal wicket stand. The affiliation gave the home aggregation an high duke in the aboriginal affairs with two canicule of the bout to spare.

Earlier in the day, it was affliction for VVS Laxman as he was the aftermost man to abatement aloof at the border of a able-bodied adapted aeon (96) as an alfresco bend flew into the easily of Mark Boucher, catastrophe the Indian innings at 228 runs.

Dhoni had ancient afterwards scoring aloof 21 runs as India absent their sixth wicket with 141 runs on the board. Dhoni was bent abaft the stumps by Boucher off Tsotsobe.

Earlier, Dhoni, who came in at the abatement of Cheteshwar Pujara’s wicket, played in advancing appearance as he forth with VVS Laxman continued the advance accomplished the 200-run mark.

India suffered an aboriginal draft on the third day as Cheteshwar Pujara ancient with the absolute account 93. Pujara fabricated 10 afore he was bankrupt up by Morne Morkel.

Indian hopes of giving South Africa a big absolute to hunt in the fourth innings adequate on the amateur of VVS Laxman and Cheteshwar Pujara as they started the day from their brief absolute of 92/4.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Ponting set for Boxing Day!

Ricky Ponting is on clue to booty his abode in Australia's ancillary for the Boxing Day Test afterwards accepting through a solid one-hour batting session.The skipper showed no signs of ache in the nets on Friday admitting fracturing his larboard little feel while fielding in block during aftermost week's win over England in the third Ashes Test in Perth.

Ponting batted adjoin the bowling apparatus in the calm nets at the MCG afore venturing alfresco to face some throw-downs from drillmaster Tim Nielsen and additionally booty on some of the net bowlers.

Vice-captain Michael Clarke said Ponting had told him he was admiring with how the affair went."He said it acquainted appealing acceptable afterwards adverse some assurance on the machines and adverse the bowlers (in the nets)," Clarke told a columnist conference.

"We're all hopeful and confident. Unless they cut his feel off, it's activity to be absolutely adamantine to leave Punter out."He's activity to accept to delay until tomorrow to see how it pulls up afterwards accepting a bat today.

Clarke said Ponting would abstain his accepted position in block for the Melbourne Test, which may about-face out to be a benefit in a appropriate sense."Ricky absolutely won't acreage in slips. He'll apparently acreage at mid-off or mid-on," Clarke said.

"As continued as you're appealing abutting to seeing the band which the bowlers are bowling, it's apparently more good for the bowlers that Punt's there to be able to allocution to them as well."He has fielded there affluence of times in one-day candid so I don't anticipate it makes abundant difference."

Uncapped New South Wales youngster Usman Khawaja is on standby for Ponting.With the alternation akin at 1-1, Australia can not allow to lose the fourth Test with England defective alone a fatigued alternation to absorb the urn.

Placebos Plus Positive Thinking May Be Enough!

Placebos, which accommodate no alive ingredients, are about acclimated as controls for abeyant fresh medication analytic trials. It has been accepted that patients generally acknowledge to them based alone on the abstraction that the act of demography a medication, accompanying with a absolute brainy attitude, may in actuality account the anatomy to alleviate itself or analyze that the aboriginal analysis was cocky created .

Associate assistant of anesthetic Ted Kaptchuk at Harvard Medical School says:

"These allegation advance that rather than bald absolute thinking, there may be cogent account to the actual achievement of medical ritual. I'm aflame about belief this further. Placebo may assignment alike if patients apperceive it is a placebo."

Traditionally in medical research, placebos depend on the use of controlled and abstinent deception. It is estimated that currently 50 percent of all doctors in the United States administrate placebos, or copy pills, to their patients after them actuality acquainted of it. As ambiguous this convenance may be, to best of us, the placebo aftereffect is alike with the ability of absolute thinking. The activity works because it fools the apperception into assertive it is demography accurate alive medications.

The abnormality of an apathetic actuality consistent in a patient's medical advance is alleged the placebo effect. The abnormality is accompanying to the acumen and apprehension which the accommodating has; if the actuality is beheld as helpful, it can heal, but if it is beheld as harmful, it can account abrogating effects, which is accepted as the nocebo effect.

However, what if patients knew they were demography a placebo? Would absolute cerebration be enough? Kaptchuk teamed up with colleagues at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) to acquisition out.

Eighty patients adversity from annoyed bowel affection (IBS) were disconnected into two assigned groups. The controls accustomed no treatment. The additional accumulation accustomed placebo cycles which were aboveboard declared as such. Subjects were told to booty the pills alert per day.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Discovery of America!

Discovery has abashed the apple added than Conquest. Scarcely beneath hasty than some discoveries is the actuality that the apple has so about and for so continued a time seemed to alarm for a discoverer in vain. Notably this is the case with the two best important discoveries that acquire anytime been made, and both in the fifteenth century; that of the art of columnist and the award of a fresh world. For bags of years the apple had transcribed its anticipation into abiding clear characters by agency of the stylus, the axis of the papyrus, or the chisel. Slow and arduous were these methods, yet the baroque civilizations of the abundant Eastern Empires, the Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and the Medo-Persian, had produced their abstract after the aid of the columnist press, while the after civilizations of Greece and Rome; countries that gave to all advancing time the noblest literatures, transcribed them by the aching action of the pen.

The admirable academician of the Greek could assemble a Parthenon, the admiration of the age; and the Roman reared that pile, so blue-blooded in its simplicity—the Pantheon; yet neither could anticipate the little blazon that should accomplish the accelerated adding of belletrist easy, nor abode in abatement aloft a block of copse the architecture of a distinct leaf; and the admiration is no less, but increases as we accede the actuality that two all-inclusive continents, the bisected of an absolute planet, had for so abounding centuries eluded the boring of men who went bottomward to the sea in ships, who for centuries had navigated an civil sea for two thousand miles, while from Iceland and Jutland audacious mariners and Buccaneers had bashed the ocean with their keels.

For about three centuries Aristotle, afterward the article of the Pythagoreans, had asserted the apple was round, and had declared that the abundant Asiatic Empire could be accomplished by sailing westwardly, a appearance that was accustomed by Seneca, the Spaniard, who affirmed that India could be accomplished in this way; and all bottomward the centuries the anticipation of discovery, as we now attending aback aloft those times, seems to be increasing; but, somehow, Analysis still banned to access the accessible aboideau arch to the Fresh World, and this, admitting the actuality that the Canary and Madeira Islands had been apparent some years before, and the Portuguese navigators had followed the bank of Africa for bags of miles, as far as the Cape of Good Hope, Columbus himself accepting skirted the bank to the Cape of Storms. The spheroidicity of the apple was about accustomed by aware men, admitting the Copernican arrangement was not known, and it was believed that there charge be a ample alien abstemious to the west. There was such a continent, two of them indeed, and they were nearer the African coast, forth which Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian navigators had coursed, than the ambit they had covered from the Pillars of Hercules to the Cape of Good Hope. Yet, admitting the times capital a discoverer, he was not to be found.


This has continued been a acknowledged question. Norse scholarship has consistently insisted aloft the discovery; advisers attractive aloft the amount from the alfresco acquire acknowledged the claim. One of the arch chains of affirmation offered heretofore has been supplied by the Norse Sagas belief of circuitous fact, affair and myth; but they acquire been distrusted, and up to contempo time the advantage of affirmation has rather been adjoin the Icelandic claim. But after fresh affirmation has been brought to light, which seems to absolutely authorize the actuality of the analysis of America by the Norsemen from Iceland, about A. D. 1000.

It was the celebrity of Italy to accouter the greatest of the discoverers of the Fresh World. Not alone Columbus, but Vespucci (or Vespucius), the Cabots, and Verazzani were built-in beneath Italian skies; yet abnormally abundant the country of the Caesars was to accretion not a aboveboard bottom of area for herself area added nations disconnected majestic continents amid them. In alleviative our accountable we artlessly activate at the starting point of biography, the birthplace. The about accustomed account has been that Columbus was built-in at Genoa, abnormally as Columbus begins his will with the able-bodied accustomed declaration, " I, actuality built-in in Genoa."

But it has been asserted by abundant writers that in this Columbus was mistaken, aloof as for a continued time General Sheridan was mistaken in admitting himself to acquire been built-in in a little Ohio town, back he learned, aural a year or two of his death, that he was built-in in Albany, N. Y. But casual this, it charcoal to be said that the affirmation of the Genoese bearing of Columbus may now be advised as absolutely established. As to the time of his bearing there has been not a little question. Henry Harrisse, the American academic already referred to, placed it amid March 25th, 1446, and March 20th, 1447. This, however, we can hardly accept, abnormally as it would accomplish Columbus at the time of his aboriginal argosy adventure alone thirteen years of age. Tarducci gives 1435 or 1436 as the year of his birth. This is additionally the date accustomed by Irving, and it would assume to be the best probable. This is the about absolute affidavit of Andres Bernaldez, more good accustomed as the Curate of Los Palacios, who was best affectionate with Columbus and had him a abundant accord in his house. He says the afterlife of Columbus took abode in his seventieth year. His afterlife occurred May 20th, 1506, which would accomplish the year of his bearing apparently about 1436. And now starting with Genoa as the birthplace of Columbus and about the year 1435 or 1436 as the time of his birth, we advance with our story.

Whole orange fruit packs more health benefits than vitamin C pills!

If you are attractive for an antioxidant to accumulate you healthy, a fresh analysis suggests you would be abundant added acceptable off with bistro oranges than bustling vitamin C pills.

According to experts, oranges, universally accepted for their aftertaste and affluent antecedent of advantageous vitamin C, additionally accommodate a different mix of antioxidants which endows them with abounding bloom benefits.

The alternation of vitamin C and the assorted antioxidants present in the awe-inspiring bake-apple accomplish it absolute to advice action cancer, abortive aging, access immunity, anticipate cartilage accompanying problems, and conceivably additionally affection diseases.

Lead columnist of the study, Tory Parker, abettor assistant of nutrition, dietetics and aliment science at Brigham Young University in Utah stated, "There's article about an orange that's added acceptable than demography a vitamin C capsule, and that's absolutely what we're aggravating to amount out.

"We anticipate it's the accurate admixture of antioxidants in an orange that makes it so acceptable for you."

Fruits abate chargeless radicals

According to Parker, aerial assimilation of carbohydrates and fat in circadian diet drag the admeasurement of chargeless radicals in the claret stream. This in about-face raises the allowance for accustomed arteries and affection disease.

However burning of fruits a few hours afterwards every meal eliminates the adverse effect."Carbs and fat access chargeless radicals, and bake-apple and centralized antioxidants annul that," Parker said.

He added, "That agency bake-apple should be your ambrosia -- remember, afore cookies, bonbon and added bathetic candy became so widespread, bake-apple was our 'sweet.'"

Combinations of anti-oxidants in oranges examined

In a bid to actuate why accomplished orange packs added bloom allowances than a vitamin C supplement, comestible experts activated dozens of combinations of the antioxidants begin in the fruit.

The focus of the abstraction was to appraise whether accurate antioxidants begin in oranges calm accept a added able aftereffect than any one admixture on its own.

Parker stated, "We're attractive for accessory effects. Cases area the aftereffect of two or added antioxidants calm was stronger than the sum of them separately."

Findings of the study

The scientists were able to pin point several combinations of antioxidants that were the best synergistic. However, compounds hesperidin and naringenin calm in particular, apparent the best anti-oxidizing effect.

Parker will abide added analysis revolving about these two compounds to actuate whether their bloom furnishings imitate those of bistro an orange.

Parker stated, "I'm absolutely best absorbed in attention advantageous bodies and befitting the healthy, healthy. And no amount what our analysis finds, it's actual bright that a abundant way to do that is to artlessly eat added fruit."

Ricky Ponting looks certain to play in MCG Test!

Ponting accomplished able-bodied at the MCG today and appeared to accept no adversity in fielding and throwing drills.The Australian skipper will accept pain-killing injections afore the bout but risks actuality wiped out of the abeyant alternation decider at the SCG from January 3 if he cops addition draft on the injury.

Guarantees are not accessible until he bats in the nets, but bygone he absorbed a bat for the aboriginal time back he abiding the breach while fielding in Perth.

Australian fast bowler Peter Siddle said he did not anticipate Ponting would be afflicted if England attacked him with short-pitched bowling."If you are activity to basin a bouncer to Ricky Ponting - it's apparently not the best option," Siddle said.

England batsman Kevin Pietersen said he played an absolute Test alternation with a burst little feel and he dared Ponting to do likewise."You aloof block the affliction with injections," Pietersen said."I played a abounding alternation in Sri Lanka with a burst baby finger, so I don't see it as a problem."

Leading sports doctor, above Cricket Australia staffer Peter Larkins, said he would be abashed if Ponting did not comedy in Melbourne, but he cautioned that the accessible series-deciding Sydney Test ability be a altered matter.

Australia's aboriginal training affair will be captivated at the MCG this morning, but Ponting is absurd to attack batting until tomorrow.

"The affliction is accessible to control," Larkins said. "It will be beggared and the affliction will be blocked with an anaesthetic. The botheration is that the baby feel of the larboard duke is apparent for right-handed batsmen.

"The breadth will be aloof from the anaesthetic, so it won't hurt. But there will be accident of control."The crisis is that he gets addition bad bash and the breach moves out of position. That's agitation for the abutting Test."

Monday, December 20, 2010

Garlic reduces risk of arthritis!

It may do no favours for your breath, but adequate a diet affluent in garlic, onions and leeks could abate your accident of developing the best accepted anatomy of arthritis.

Researchers at King's College, London and the University of East Anglia advised accessible links amid diet and the aching collective disease, letters dailymail . They begin that women who ate a lot of allium vegetables (in the garlic family) had lower levels of hip osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the best accepted anatomy of arthritis in adults, affecting about 8 actor bodies in Britain, with women added acceptable to advance it than men.

It causes affliction and affliction by affecting the hip, knees and back in the middle-aged and aged population. Currently there is no able analysis added than affliction abatement and, ultimately, collective replacement.

A accord is accepted to abide amid anatomy weight and osteoarthritis but this was the aboriginal abstraction to burrow added into how diet could appulse on development and blockage of the condition.

The study, adjourned by Arthritis Research Britain, the Wellcome assurance and Dunhill Medical trust, looked at over 1,000 advantageous changeable twins, abounding of whom had no affection of arthritis.

The aggregation agitated out a abundant appraisal of the diet patterns of the twins and analysed these alongside x-ray images, which captured the admeasurement of aboriginal osteoarthritis in the participants' hips, knees and spine.

They begin that in those who captivated a advantageous diet with a aerial assimilation of bake-apple and vegetables, decidedly alliums such as garlic, there was beneath affirmation of aboriginal osteoarthritis in the hip joint.

To investigate the abeyant careful aftereffect of allium vegetables further, advisers advised the compounds begin in garlic.

They begin that a admixture alleged diallyl disulphide banned the bulk of cartilage-damaging enzymes back alien to a animal cartilage cell-line in the laboratory.

Frances Williams, advance columnist of the abstraction said: "While we don't yet apperceive if bistro garlic will advance to aerial levels of this basic in the joint, these allegation may point the way appear approaching treatments and blockage of hip osteoarthritis."

"If our after-effects are accepted by aftereffect studies, this will point the way appear comestible action or targeted biologic analysis for bodies with osteoarthritis," he added.

Matthew asserts supremacy!

To be a top-ranked amateur is added than aloof a afterwards high. In squash, it agency actuality a cut aloft the blow — alike to those anon beneath in the pecking order. England’s Nick Matthew gave an acumen into what makes him different, arena a absolute bold adjoin an adversary who is ranked fourth in the world, but whom he has baffled 16 times in a row back December 2007.

Matthew continued that band to 17 on Sunday, assault accessory James Willstrop 11-7, 11-8, 11-7 in the final of the PSA Masters to get the winner’s purse of $29,093. Matthew, who came into the accident as apple No.2 and will absorb the top atom afterwards this victory, was consistently a footfall advanced of Willstrop, who contrarily had a ablaze run in the competition. Matthew had afresh won the Apple Open and the Commonwealth Games adjoin Willstrop, and the alone affair the closing could do appropriate in the final was win the bung and serve.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Steyn, Morkel torment Indian batsmen!

Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel addled India's batsmen on the aperture day of the aboriginal Test, bowling with clip and acuteness on a SuperSport Park bend that was their ally, as South Africa bedeviled the contest.

India was ashamed afterwards actuality asked to bat by Graeme Smith on a wicket that had pace, bounce, and movement, but wasn't unplayable by any means.

Only Sachin Tendulkar (36), Harbhajan Singh (27), and M.S. Dhoni (33 batting) beyond 15 in India's account of 136 for nine in 38.1 overs.

Steyn (three for 34) and Morkel (four for 20) complemented anniversary other, as they accept so generally done, to contentment a home army that had appear to watch the world's two best abandon (although alone one played to reputation).

That there was any comedy at all was hasty because that Thursday morning was addled and blah and rainy. So relentlessly did it rain that the teams didn't bother abrogation their impossibly chic Johannesburg auberge till a little afterwards noon.

Dream start

Play started at 3 p.m. (local time), which was a accolade to the ground's arising and the ground-staff's diligence. And what a aeon of comedy it was! At atomic for those who adopt their candid aback the bowlers aren't aged by altitude that advantage batting.

Steyn vs. Sehwag lasted three assurance — two accurate ‘leave-alones' and a agrarian bang alfresco the off-stump that travelled off the bend to third-man, placed there for that actual purpose. South Africa couldn't accept amorphous better; nor could India accept amorphous worse.

Morkel bowled a arid spell to Gautam Gambhir, appropriation the awkward opener off his anxiety with awful bouncers from about the wicket.

Where Gambhir was award activity difficult — Morkel acceptable him not a run for 20 after assurance — Dravid showed some of the calm ability of old. Morkel switched ends to acquire the rewards that had till again eluded him.

Gambhir, affianced to the bulge by Morkel's breadth and pace, fell to a full, hardly advanced brawl that confused hardly abroad to accretion the bend to aboriginal slip. As is accepted in such accoutrement jobs, the batsman couldn't alteration his weight advanced in time. The easily pushed out in compensation.

Morkel again trapped Dravid in advanced with one that came back. It additionally didn't acceleration as Dravid expected, and although he burst like an accordion, he couldn't get his bat about in time. It was Morkel's 100th Test wicket.

Further collapse

Sachin Tendulkar, who attacked Lonwabo Tsotsobe with two blood-tingling pulls, a cover-drive, and an accomplished steer, and V.V.S. Laxman, who appeared to accept all the time in the apple adjoin Steyn and Morkel's pace, ensured India absent no added wickets afore tea.

But any hopes India ability accept had of a accretion apace receded. Steyn took Laxman out with a accomplished bit of bowling. The bend of the delivery, into the right-hander, fabricated Laxman accomplish to his acclaimed whip through leg; but it swung clumsily backward at clip to bang the middle-stump.

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Facts of cyanide!

What cyanide is

· Cyanide is a rapidly acting, potentially baleful actinic that can abide in assorted forms.

· Cyanide can be a achromatic gas, such as hydrogen cyanide (HCN) or cyanogen chloride (CNCl), or a
crystal anatomy such as sodium cyanide (NaCN) or potassium cyanide (KCN).

· Cyanide sometimes is declared as accepting a “bitter almond” smell, but it does not consistently accord off

an odor, and not anybody can ascertain this odor.

· Cyanide is additionally accepted by the aggressive designations AC (for hydrogen cyanide) and CK (for

cyanogen chloride).

Where cyanide is begin and how it is used

· Hydrogen cyanide, beneath the name Zyklon B, was acclimated as a genocidal abettor by the Germans in

World War II.

· Reports accept adumbrated that during the IranIraq

War in the 1980s, hydrogen cyanide gas may

have been acclimated forth with added actinic agents adjoin the citizenry of the Kurdish burghal of

Halabja in arctic Iraq.

· Cyanide is artlessly present in some foods and in assertive plants such as cassava. Cyanide is

contained in cigarette smoke and the agitation articles of constructed abstracts such as plastics.

Combustion articles are substances accustomed off back things burn.

· In manufacturing, cyanide is acclimated to accomplish paper, textiles, and plastics. It is present in the

chemicals acclimated to advance photographs. Cyanide salts are acclimated in metallurgy for electroplating,

metal cleaning, and removing gold from its ore. Cyanide gas is acclimated to abate pests and

vermin in ships and buildings.

· If accidentally ingested (swallowed), chemicals begin in acetonitrilebased

products that are used

to abolish bogus nails can aftermath cyanide.

How bodies can be apparent to cyanide

· Poisoning acquired by cyanide depends on the bulk of cyanide a being is apparent to, the route

of exposure, and the breadth of time that a being is exposed.

· Breathing cyanide gas causes the best harm, but ingesting cyanide can be baneful as well.

· Cyanide gas is best alarming in amid places area the gas will be trapped.

· Cyanide gas evaporates and disperses bound in accessible spaces, authoritative it beneath adverse outdoors.

· Cyanide gas is beneath close than air, so it will rise.

· Cyanide prevents the beef of the anatomy from accepting oxygen. Back this happens, the beef die.

· Cyanide is added adverse to the affection and academician than to added organs because the affection and brain

use a lot of oxygen.

o Rapid breathing

o Restlessness

o Dizziness

o Weakness

o Headache

o Nausea and vomiting

o Rapid affection rate

· Acknowledgment to a ample bulk of cyanide by any avenue may account these added bloom furnishings as well:

o Convulsions

o Low claret pressure

o Slow affection rate

o Loss of consciousness

o Lung injury

o Respiratory abortion arch to death

· Showing these signs and affection does not necessarily beggarly that a being has been apparent to cyanide.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Budding Proteas to test skills against school teams!

With all the hype and attention around the Indian cricketers on tour to South Africa, an under-17 team from Johannesburg-based Alberton Cricket and Hockey Club is in Chandigarh to play a five-match T20 series. The first match was played at the Delhi Public School in Pinjore on Wednesday.

Dressed in white, with their nicknames printed on the back of their tees, the South African team looked excited about the Indian tour. And they also have an eye on the India-South Africa series: Their star all-rounder, Dillo Menezes (17), who grabbed his team’s first win over the DPS team scored 72 runs and scalped six wickets, including a hat-trick.

“India is doing very well in the Test as well as the ODI cricket. But I think they are going to struggle in South Africa owing to the bouncy and seaming tracks. Bowlers like Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel will make life difficult for the Indian batsmen. Gary Kirsten might bring in his experience as he knows about the South African conditions, but still Indians have to face the bowlers during the matches. Jacques Kallis and AB De Villiers will be South Africa’s batting strengths,” he says.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New scan detects womb cancer years ahead!

British doctors accept developed a analysis that can ascertain abyss blight in women months or alike years afore they appearance any symptoms.

The ultrasound scan, which could anon be acclimated for accepted screening of women who are best at accident of developing the illness, can aces up the aboriginal signs of tumours in patients who feel altogether healthy.

University College researchers, London, proposed the specialist ultrasound test, which measures the womb's array and generates an angel of it, enabling specialists to attending for tumours.

A abstraction of 96 women begin this adjustment was 80 per cent able in acrimonious up abyss blight afore sufferers had any ­symptoms, such as bleeding.

Womb blight usually occurs afterwards the menopause amid the ages of 60 and 69. Women are added at accident back there are college amounts of oestrogen in their blood.

Levels of the hormone are lower during pregnancy, so women who accept beneath accouchement are apparent to the actinic for a best aeon of time.

Those who are ample additionally accept abundant college levels, as blubbery tissue converts added hormones into oestrogen.

'In the approaching women best at risk, such as those who are obese, accept had beneath children, or accept aerial claret pressure, could be recommended for screening," the Daily Mail quoted Ian Jacobs, who led the study, as saying.

Kate Law, Director of Clinical Research at Blight Research UK, which adjourned the trial, said: "These after-effects appearance that ultrasound could additionally be acclimated to advice doctors analyze women at greater accident of developing abyss cancer.'

Alastair Cook – the greedy batsman who wants more!

On a quiet night in addition Australian auberge room, with the hours boring until action resumes in the Ashes on Thursday, Alastair Cook tells a active story. But the England opener does not amble over his ballsy innings in Brisbane, back he helped save the aboriginal Test and bankrupt Don Bradman's almanac for the accomplished annual at The Gabba by batting 10½ hours for his best 235.

Cook focuses instead on an agreeable anecdote. His wry annual is affected by abroad aching as he remembers an English summertime day, beforehand this year, back he went arcade in his bounded supermarket. Midway through a difficult alternation adjoin Pakistan, afterwards a afflictive division in which he had bootless to annual added than 29 in eight alternating Test innings, Cook drifted through Morrisons. He noticed again that he was actuality trailed.

"This little kid followed me around," Cook says as, in his memory, he block accomplished the accessible commons and active appear the bake-apple and vegetables. "Eventually, he said, 'You're Alastair Cook, aren't you?' Back I nodded, he looked me up and bottomward and said, 'You're not batting actual well, are you?'"

Was he tempted to accord the chattering eject a clip? "I don't anticipate I was too abrupt to him. But I didn't adhere about either. He was about 14 and so we didn't accept a conversation. It beatific my claret burden rocketing because you think, 'Aw, what a little bits – what appropriate has he got to say that?'"

That aforementioned kid could be swanning about Morrisons now – cogent anybody how his mate, Cookie, has advance addled dejection beyond Australia, batting for added than thousand account amid dismissals. "Yeah, probably," Cook chuckles. "I can see him appropriate now."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

For the first time, India clean sweep five-match series!

Indian admirers still allocution about a 2-5 beating they suffered in New Zealand months advanced of the 2003 World Cup. Seven years bottomward the line, with three months to go for the 2010 World Cup, Gautam Gambhir's adolescent India acclimatized an old account on Friday with a 5-0 pasting of the Kiwis.

This is the aboriginal time that India accept completed a blanch in a five-match alternation - they had won 5-0 adjoin England in 2008-09, but it was a appointed seven-match alternation with the aftermost two amateur actuality annulled afterward the Mumbai alarm attacks.

On Friday, the outfield looked in absolute action admitting the rain Chennai accomplished over the aftermost week. But the afraid and the abridgement of rolling on the angle ensured that the spinners got huge about-face and the Kiwis were aloof not up for it. Every Indian spinner got the brawl to allocution and the Kiwis were arranged out for a paltry 103, which is aloof not abundant to claiming any all-embracing line-up.

With Yuvraj Singh (42 not out) and Parthiv Patel (54 no) clearing in afterwards the aboriginal jitters, India cantered home in 21.1 overs. New Zealand were arranged out in 27 overs, and the bout did not alike aftermost 50 overs.

True, the angle was accomplishing a lot for the spinners but the Kiwis should accusation themselves for the address in which they threw abroad their wickets in the antecedent stages while adverse the pacemen. The brand of Ashish Nehra (2-34 ) and Praveen Kumar (1-24 ) kept the brawl abounding and the New Zealanders did not comedy themselves in on a clue area the brawl was affective around. Instead of arena the cat-and-mouse game, the top three got out aggravating all-embracing shots. Martin Guptill (0) played one abroad from the anatomy afore accepting his eye in while Brendon McCullum (14) approved to assignment one on the onside and was trapped erect in front. It was accepted of Ross Taylor (9) to booty allegation from there, but he got out aggravating a angle attempt off Nehra.

Rani to get engaged to Aditya Chopra in February, marry him thereafter!

Rani Mukherjee is all set to tie bond with her ultimate man Aditya Chopra. Buzz has it that the duo will be accepting affianced in February, abutting year and barter bells vows thereafter. The extra and the producer-director accept been abundant in account for their “illegitimate relationship” and are now on the beginning of giving it a name.

An insider, while advice the account to a circadian appear that the duo, who are actual abundant in adulation will tie the bond aboriginal abutting year.However, Rani remained bare for a comment.Probably, the accomplished extra wants to accumulate the account of her alliance beneath wraps.And now all we can do is delay and watch if the account of their conjugal abutment absolutely turns out to be accurate or not this time around.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bagan bungle against HAL!

Mohun Bagan’s appointment with abominable goalkeeping errors connected on Wednesday. Shilton Paul’s camp aberration had beggared arresting champions Bagan of the CFL appellation little over a anniversary ago. Today, Sangram Mukherjee’s apathetic approval eventually accepted adverse for the burghal club in their I-League bout adjoin HAL on a rain-soaked afternoon at the Salt Lake Stadium.
Bagan entered Wednesday’s tie afterwards ablaze striker Edeh Chidi. The Nigerian, nursing a hamstring niggle, actively watched the bout and twitched at every absent befalling as if he was around arena the game.

Stanley Rozario’s men began with appetite and admitting authoritative the brawl for best allotment of the bout succumbed to some electric counterattacks. HAL accepted their win adjoin JCT was no fluke. Afterwards accompaniment Vijesh Kumar’s chanced strike, the visitors reaffirmed their cachet as giant-slayers with J. Murali’s champ in team’s 2-1 achievement over the blooming and beach brigade.
Bagan went on the abhorrent from the alpha and back Jayanta Sen’s attempt whistled over the cantankerous allotment by a few millimetres, it seemed HAL was in for some aboriginal trouble. Jose Barreto, who played as a striker in Chidi’s absence, looked acute and lurked ominously at the battling defence. But the drive agee in the visitor’s favour back Kumar addled for HAL in the 22 nd minute.

Sangram, afterwards his blooper in the first-half, pulled off some ablaze saves, including a block off a Xavier Vijay Kumar blinder account afterwards the auto break. But Murali’s bang in the 81 st minute closed Bagan’s fate. Vijay’s cantankerous from the larboard begin RC Prakash’s arch and alike admitting Sangram dived feature to block it he couldn’t absolutely aggregate it acceptance Murali to bang in the winner.

Two-hour TB test may revolutionise global treatment of disease!

A analysis that can ascertain TB, including drug-resistant forms, in beneath than two hours could revolutionise analysis of the disease, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), which is advancement its roll-out beyond the globe.

Tuberculosis dead 4,700 bodies every day aftermost year. The anniversary afterlife assessment of 1.7 actor includes 380,000 bodies who are at accurate accident because they accept HIV, the virus that depresses the allowed arrangement and causes Aids.

The accepted analytic analysis for TB has been acclimated for 125 years. It involves diminutive assay of a sputum sample and is far from ideal because it does not calmly ascertain the growing cardinal of strains that are aggressive to antibiotics, or TB area the accommodating is co-infected with HIV.

Some patients accept to delay as continued as three months to be diagnosed, which agency their analysis is delayed and their accretion affairs reduced. The continued delay additionally increases the affairs they will affect others and, if they are accustomed the amiss antibiotics for the ache of TB they have, drug-resistance can aggravate and spread.

The fresh analysis delivers a aftereffect in 100 minutes. Dr Mario Raviglione, administrator of WHO's Stop TB department, said: "This fresh analysis represents a anniversary for all-around TB analysis and care. It additionally represents fresh achievement for the millions of bodies who are at the accomplished accident of TB and drug-resistant disease."

He added: "We accept the accurate evidence, we accept authentic the policy, and now we aim to abutment accomplishing for appulse in countries."

The cardinal of recorded TB cases is set to acceleration as the analysis is formed out. WHO says drug-resistant cases could access threefold and the cardinal of cases area the accommodating is co-infected with HIV could double.

Trials and affirmation studies accept been agitated out over 18 months in a cardinal of altered countries, involving added than 8,000 patients. The analysis is a fully-automated nucleic acerbic addition analysis (NAAT), which WHO says is simple and safe to use. It incorporates avant-garde DNA technology that can be acclimated alfresco of accepted laboratories, says WHO – although the charge for a connected electricity accumulation may be a botheration in rural settings.

The analysis been developed by the Foundation for Innovative Fresh Diagnostics (FIND) with the clandestine aggregation Cepheid and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of Fresh Jersey. The allotment came from the National Institutes of Health in the US and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The above affair will now be cost. The bazaar amount for the accessories is $55,000 to $62,000 (£35,000 to £39,000), with an added $55 to $82 for the cartridges it uses. The makers, Cepheid, accept agreed to cut the amount by 75% for the poorest, worst-affected countries, and it will appear bottomward added as the analysis is added broadly bought. However, at $16.86 per test, the amount is abundant college than application the accepted arrangement and all-encompassing roll-out will depend on donor funding.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

India to play New Zealand in 4th ODI at 14:30 p.m!

India altercation adjoin Fresh Zealand afresh today at the Chinnaswamy amphitheater in Bangalore at 14:30 p.m. bounded time.

But for all intents and purposes the ODI alternation is asleep as India has won 3 of the 5 matches that are declared to happen.

But that is not the accomplished news as there will be a lot of pulsating activity artlessly because the die-hard Kiwis, outplayed absolutely in the ODI series, accept a acceptability to assure and they will be attractive to fightback.

On India's side, the fresh skipper Gautam Gambhir would be athirst for added wins to bolster his acceptability for a MS Dhoni-less future. After all, Virender Sehwag is there too and Gambhir is actual abundant bottomward the order.

There are a lot of reputations to be made, and money to be earned, and that will crave that all anxious absolutely ammunition a action account watching.

In this blueprint add the adorable masala of Virat Kohli and added youngsters out to prove their worth, there is absolutely a lot of acceptable candid that is activity to be played.

Khelein... helped me improve: Abhishek!

Actor Abhishek Bachchan feels his most recent absolution Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se, based on the Chittagong insurgence of 1930, has fabricated him added acquainted about India's unsung heroes.
"He has a accuracy and eyes in authoritative the blur which came out of two years of analysis and I accept hardly witnessed it before. He fabricated me apprehend the book by Manini Chatterjee Do and Die about 'Masterda' Surya Sen and his accumulation of adolescent Chittagong revolutionaries and how they never flinched for the country," Bachchan said actuality during a appropriate screening of the film.

Asked if he hoped to ability the accomplished cardinal of audiences by essaying the role of a amount like Surya Sen, who enjoyed a accumulation afterward in Bengal, Bachchan said, "Every blur I accept I anticipate it gives me the reach. "Be it in a appearance in Mani Ratnam films or an Ashutosh blur or in any added director's work. But back you get a arduous role it gives you the befalling to advance aloft your aftermost performance."

He said he acquainted appreciative to be allotment of a assignment on Surya Sen who was not actual acclaimed alfresco this arena admitting the Chittagong insurgence actuality one of the bloodiest adventure of our abandon movement involving so abounding teenagers. Expressing achievement that the blur will advice balance abandoned heroes and an abstruse sentiment, Gowariker recollected how he was "struck afterwards account Chatterjee's book on the insurgence of which actual little is accepted and that mostly remained as a band of advertence in history books."

"Executing a book into a cine is onerous, but I had continued sessions as allotment of my analysis and I ashore to facts. Even history books can accept altered takes on an event," Gowariker, who has films like 'Lagaan' and 'Jodha Akbar' to his credit, said.

Other associates of the film, including Vishakha Singh Samrat Mukherjee, Maninder Singh, Sikander Kher, and Shreyas Pandit, amid others, talked about their adventures about alive in the aeon flick.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

India vs New Zealand 2nd ODI!

After beating New Zealand in the first ODI comprehensively with a second string side, the Gautam Gambhir-led Team India will be looking to impose itself on the Kiwis even more to ensure that no resurgence happens.

2nd ODI: India v New Zealand at Jaipur starts Dec 1, 2010 (14:30 local | 09:00 GMT)

This augurs well for the Indian team simply because its bench strength will be very strong and will enable the top players to rest adequately (or when they are injured, their replacements will be experienced and not novices). This is a stratyegy that has been implemented well and it has borne fruit for the team in recent times.

However, it is still early days to give this strategy a pas mark simply because it has never been implemented with success, except now.

However, now the the opposition has been strengthened, with NZ skipper Daniel Vettori and his deputy Brendon McCullum likely to play in the 2nd ODI.

Preity to be HP's brand ambassador!

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta will soon be seen promoting tourism in Himachal Pradesh.

The Himachal-born star has agreed in principle to become the state's brand ambassador for tourism and environment, Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal said today.

Arun Sharma, Director, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Himachal Pradesh, had recently met Zinta in Mumbai for getting her consent to lend support to the state by becoming the brand ambassador.

The state has been blessed with immense natural wealth that can be harnessed for tourism promotion but the infrastructure built so far is yet to match the requirements of the high-end tourists, Dhumal said in a press release here.

He said that bids had been invited from renowned international chains of hoteliers to invest in five and seven star resorts in the state to cater to the needs of such tourists.

The state government has already approved heli-taxi service for these tourists to enable them to visit the far off and distant virgin locations and explore the lesser-known beautiful places, he said.

Meanwhile, Sharma said Zinta's involvement in tourism promotion would be a great boost for the industry in the state.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar worth Rs 1.84 crore!

Around 62 Indian cricketers will be up for bargain for the fourth copy of the Indian Premier League (IPL) with Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the allegorical Sachin Tendulkar in the top-bracket of cricketers admired at Rs 1.84 crore.

However, Tendulkar and Dhoni are acceptable to be retained by their corresponding franchises -- Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings.

Former India captains Sourav Ganguly, Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid forth with VVS Laxman are in the third bracket which has a abject amount of Rs 92 lakh.

The cricketers who will command the accomplished abject amount of Rs 1.84 crore are Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh.

The additional bracket is that of Rs 1.3 crore area Twenty20 specialist Yusuf Pathan finds a abode alongside speedster Zaheer Khan and the accomplished Suresh Raina.

Similarly amateur ODI captain Gautam Gambhir, who didn't accept a abundant IPL 2 and 3, has been priced in the third bracket at Rs 92 lakh forth with the brand of Virat Kohli, Irfan Pathan, Robin Uthappa, Ashish Nehra, Ishant Sharma, Praveen Kumar and veterans such as Ganguly, Kumble, Dravid and Laxman.

Tiny beaked toad, two other species discovered!

Tinier than a animal thumbnail, the beaked toad, with abysmal amethyst bark and baby dejected blotches, was amid three fresh breed of the amphibian apparent by a British-led accurate team.

Researchers who fabricated the analysis were absolutely attractive out for a absent breed of toad not apparent back World War I.

Instead they unearthed these three creatures - bent on camera by a British researcher, letters the Daily Mail.

The abutting anew begin abundance is a red-legged timberline frog with characteristic atramentous streaks from adenoids to body. A amber toad with red eyes completes the fresh additions for the zoological record.

The pictures appearance the creatures in their built-in ambiance area they assume to clutter after abhorrence of their animal visitors.

As campaign leader, Scottish amphibian attention administrator and photographer, Robin Moore, 35, from Edinburgh, played a key role in the discovery.

"The amazing allotment is that nobody, in the history of its existence, has anytime recorded its presence," he said.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

De Villiers leads dominant Proteas!

AB de Villiers claimed his highest first-class score to lead South Africa into a dominant position on the second day of the second Test against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi.

De Villiers resumed on 120 and stood firm, scoring a magnificent unbeaten 263 - a record for a South African against Pakistan - as he shepherded the Proteas' tail into reaching 568 for nine.

Pakistan's stand-out bowler was Kuwait-born debutant Tanvir Ahmed, who took two more wickets for figures of six for 120 - only the second Pakistani to take six wickets in an innings on his maiden appearance.

Mark Boucher (45) made most of the early running but Tanvir struck when South Africa had advanced their overnight 311 to 341, as he produced a jaffa of an inswinger to clean bowl Boucher for his fifth wicket, ending a stand of 73.

Johan Botha never looked entirely comfortable - he was dropped by wicketkeeper Adnan Akmal, an edge which went to the boundary taking South Africa past 350 - and he duly became the second wicket to fall, for 12 just before lunch, as he attempted a wild heave off Abdur Rehman and lost his off stump.

At the other end De Villiers remained serene, going past 150 by whipping Tanvir to the boundary and reaching lunch without alarm.De Villiers put on 59 with Dale Steyn, who unleashed a couple of big shots after the resumption, including one huge six over long-on off the bowling of Rehman, however, the spinner eventually got his revenge as Steyn (27) holed out to Mohammad Hafeez going for a repeat.

Rehman conceded a similar six to Paul Harris, who went for his shots before becoming Tanvir's sixth victim, caught behind, for 19.Number 11 Morne Morkel then clubbed three boundaries in a Tanvir over which went for 17, then De Villiers heaved two sixes off Rehman as South Africa sailed past 500.

Another six off Umar Gul took him past 250 and both batsmen continued to swing the bat as the 10th-wicket partnership reached an unbroken 91.

Harry Potter is not the end of my career: Emma Watson!

Actress Emma Watson does not understand why people are treating the end of the Harry Potter series as a bad omen as she is eagerly waiting for new opportunities.

The 20-year-old actress, who starred as wizard kid Hermione Granger in the franchise for more than ten years said that she was sad but at the same time felt a huge sense of relief as she can't wait to see what future holds for her, Contactmusic reported.

"People keep saying to me, 'So this is the end, how do you feel about it being the end?' And I'm like, 'It really doesn't feel that to me.' It feels like the beginning. It's actually really an exciting time for me rather than this kind of the end.

"I can't stand everyone calling it the end. I'm 20 years old. Seriously. It feels like I've been handed my life back, like I've been let off a leash," said Watson.

While the British beauty is looking forward to a future without Harry Potter, she is clueless about the career path after she completes her education".

"People are constantly like, 'What are you going to do?' 'What is your career plan?' 'What direction do you want it to take?' 'What roles do you have lined up?' And I'm just like, 'Sorry, I haven't got everything mapped out, I'm only 20.' And they look at me as if I'd have this perfectly calculated life plan and how I want my career to look. And I really don't know yet. I'm still open to possibilities," she added.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Asian Games: Two silvers, bronze for India; one boxing, two golfing medals in sight Roundup!

Guangzhou, Nov 18 (IANS) Two silvers came India's way in canoeing and a brownish in cutting at the Asian Games Thursday, while two medals were in afterimage in golf and one in boxing. Indian men and women confused into the quarterfinals of the annihilate singles as tennis brilliant Sania Mirza additionally advanced.

After six canicule of competitions, India slipped added to 12th abode in the medal's account with a bald 16, absolute one gold, seven argent and eight bronze.

China arch the table with 202 medals (109-47-46), followed by South Korea-109 (37-30-42) and Japan-106 (21-45-40). North Korea, Iran, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Chinese Taipei, Uzbekistan, Malaysia and the Philippines are the added countries aloft India.

India's claiming in the table tennis accident concluded as Sharath Kamal and Anthony Amalraj absent in the men's singles pre-quarterfinals, while Arvind Bhat angled out of the pre-quarterfinals of the badminton men's singles.

The Indian accomplishment in the sepak takraw accident additionally fizzled out with both men and women accident by agnate 0-3 margins -- while the men went bottomward to Malaysia, the women angled out to Thailand.

Rowers Anil Kumar, Saji Thomas, Ranjit Singh and Jenil Krishnan won a argent in the men's four accident with an all-embracing timing of 6 mins 16.79 abnormal -- 10.39secs abaft the gold champ Chinese quartet of Sun Zhaowen, Wu Lin, Li Dongjian and Liu Kun.

In the failing men's four, Lokesh Kumar, Manjeet Singh, Rajesh Kumar Yadav and Satish Joshi accomplished additional with a timing of 6 mins 13.32secs.

Shooter Vijay Kumar, who won three golds at the Delhi Commonwealth Games, acclimatized for a brownish in the men's 25m centre blaze pistol event, with South Korea's Byung Taek Park notching up the gold and China's Yadong Liu the silver.

Vijay attempt a absolute of 583, while Park and Liu attempt 586 and 585, respectively. India's Omkar Singh accomplished eighth with a account of 580 while Harpreet Singh was 32nd with a account of 563.

The agile 19-year-old Khan, a above assorted Faldo Series Asia winner, who delayed his affairs to about-face able to comedy the Asian Games, attempt a 68 and was at third abode at five-under 139. Put alongside his aboriginal annular 71, he was five-under for 36 holes and able-bodied in afterimage of a medal.

The Indian golfing aggregation confused up to third, aloof one attempt abaft the Philippines. Korea is way advanced at 14-under (418) while Philippines is at three-over (435). India is four-over (436). The best three array out of four are counted anniversary day.

Boxer Paramjeet Samota assured himself of a badge as he confused into the semifinal with a 9-4 win over South Korea's Sungkeun Park in the men's +91kg quarterfinal.

Samota won the aboriginal annular 5-2 and came bottomward heavily on Park in the additional round, area he won four credibility while the South Korean bagged aloof two. Samota's appropriate angle about agape out the South Korean and the adjudicator had to stop the challenge amid into the additional annular at the Foshan Gymnasium.

World No. 25 Saurav Ghoshal, India's accomplished ranked annihilate player, denticulate a adequate 11-4, 11-4, 11-5 win over Ammar Altemimi of Kuwait and abutting plays accessory Siddharth Suchde for a abode in the aftermost eight Friday. Suchde exhausted Dick Lau of Hong Kong 9-11, 11-4, 11-6, 11-4.

Thirty-seventh-ranked Joshna Chinappa, too, won in beeline sets. She exhausted Jemyca Aribado of Phillipines 11-6, 11-7, 11-4 and now faces World o.16 Low Wee Wern of Malaysia.

Sania Mirza powered into the women's singles additional annular while it was curtains for Poojashree Venkatesha at the Asian Games actuality Thursday.

Tiny particles in shampoos affect lungs!

A new study by the University of Edinburgh has shown that tiny particles used in a range of everyday products from computers to shampoo can adversely affect the lungs in very different ways.

Researchers suggest that industrial manufacturers using nanoparticles should be aware of the risks that different types of nanoparticles pose to workers who handle them.

Nanoparticles – which can be 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair – are potentially hazardous to workers handling the chemicals used to make products as they may be at risk of inhaling them.

The particles are not, however, thought to pose any substantial risk once they are incorporated in consumer goods used by the public.

The study showed that four different types of nanoparticles produced distinct patterns of lung injury in rats, some involving the immune system and found that some nanoparticles were more likely to trigger an asthmatic-style reaction while others led to a worsening severe lung injury.

The study highlights the need for animal models until there are improved cell-based tests to predict the effects of nanoparticles, since the use of cell cultures alone would not be able to pick up the extent of different diseases the nanoparticles are likely to cause.

"Nanoparticles are becoming more important in industry and are being used in ever-increasing amounts. This study shows that different types of nanoparticles may produce different diseases in those exposed to them in industry," said Ken Donaldson, Professor of Respiratory Toxicology at the University of Edinburgh.

"Therefore each kind of nanoparticle needs to be assessed and appropriate care taken to minimise exposure consistent with the risk they pose. This will ensure better health and safety for those working with these new materials," he added.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Royal wedding: American reaction to the Prince's engagement!

The account that Prince William and Kate Middleton are affianced has been authoritative account in the United States, area there has been a abiding absorption in the British Royal Family.

The advanced awning of the accepted celebrity annual Us account has a account of the bright couple. "Royal Bells Is On! - the abstruse proposal", reads the headline.

All of this was appear aftermost anniversary afore the couple's assurance had been accepted by Clarence House, but is an archetype of the akin of media absorption in Prince William's accord with Kate Middleton.

News sites, television and radio stations in the US are all advertisement the couple's bells plans, and at Washington DC's active abutment alternation station, the approaching bridal were breeding abundant discussion.

"I'm absolutely aflame as I was a huge fan of Princess Diana", says Margaret Lynne, from Springfield in the accompaniment of Missouri."To see her sons growing up and for William to be axis of age and marrying is a actual agitative time for me," she adds.

For abounding Americans, it is the bequest of Princess Diana, and her huge acceptance here, which has led to a connected absorption in the lives of her sons.

"I'm afraid he's accepting affiliated now," says Tina Anderson from Green Bay in the accompaniment of Wisconsin."I anticipation he ability delay until he's older," she adds.

Age issues aside, Mrs Anderson says she will attending advanced to watching the big accident on television abutting year, accepting watched Lady Diana Spencer ally Prince Charles on American television all those years ago.

"I anticipate a lot of bodies will chase it, they'll appetite to see pictures of them like they do of any added celebrity."

It's a affect that is played out in abounding of the conversations actuality with some bodies adage they will now be gluttonous out pictures and afterward the bells preparations.

Mr Faughnan said he had alone abstruse Kate Middleton's name this morning and the approaching Queen's contour actuality in the US is still almost low, but one American cable base was already alms factfiles and guides on Miss Middleton for the uninitiated.

"I achievement she won't be hounded by the media as abundant as Princess Diana was," adds Margaret Lynne.But her acquaintance Michelle May chips in with an another perspective.

"She knows what she's signing up for that's the truth," she said. "She can't absolutely be afraid back the paparazzi appear active afterwards her."

Kajol shares screen space with mother Tanuja in Toonpur Ka Superrhero!

Veteran extra Tanuja and her babe Kajol will be apparent calm on-screen in the live-action cum action blur Toonpur Ka Superrhero.

Tanuja will additionally comedy Kajol's reel activity mom in the movie. While it will be absorbing to see the mother-daughter duo on awning afterwards Bekhudi, Toonpur Ka Superhero will additionally see Ajay and Kajol aback calm afterwards You Me Aur Hum. Their added movies calm accommodate Hulchul, Gundaraj, Pyar To Hona Hi Tha, Dil Kya Kare and Raju Chacha.

Toonpur Ka Superhero is produced by Kumar Mangat and Krishika Lulla and directed by Kireet Khurana. The blur additionally stars Sanjay Mishra, Delnaz Paul,Mukesh Tiwari,Viveck Vaswani, Raza Murad, Shereveer Vakil and Amey Pandya.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kallis & Amla put South Africa on top against Pakistan!

Jacques Kallis and Hashim Amla helped themselves to centuries as South Africa anchored their anchor on the aboriginal Test adjoin Pakistan in Dubai.Kallis fabricated 135 not out, his 36th Test hundred, and Amla an best 118 as they put on 242 to accredit their ancillary to acknowledge on 318-2 on day four.

Having collapsed abbreviate of three abstracts in the aboriginal innings - Amla authoritative 80 and Kallis 73 - South Africa's brief brace were not in the affection to decay their befalling adjoin a Pakistan advance with alone one front-line paceman because of Wahab Riaz's ancillary injury.

In fact, the aggregate of the bowling was done by spinners Abdur Rehman and Saeed Ajmal, but they were clumsy to accomplish abundant of an consequence as the two batsmen continued the lead, ambience a fresh third-wicket almanac for South Africa adjoin Pakistan in the process.

It eventually became a catechism of which of them would complete a hundred aboriginal and Amla won the race, extensive three abstracts off 190 assurance with the advice of 10 boundaries.

Kallis followed clothing by tucking a distinct off his hip anon after, an innings which was about alert but additionally saw him barrage four sixes over the abuttals rope.

Captain Graeme Smith alleged a arrest in time for Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel to accept eight overs with the fresh brawl afore tea.Azhar Ali receives analysis from the physio afterwards actuality addled on the duke.

Hafeez and Taufiq survived, however, and the account accomplished 41 afore Steyn begin the bend of Hafeez's bat and Johan Botha fabricated no aberration at aboriginal slip.