Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Linc Pens ventures into filmmaking

Linc Pens, apperceive for its brands like Linc and Uni-ball pens in India, has ventured into filmmaking, accepting launched Shakal Pe Mat Ja (SPMJ) beneath the banderole of Linc Ball in affiliation with IpixMovies of Hrishitaa Bhatt.

The blur is based on a accurate news of four adolescent boys who are bent as doubtable terrorists at the Delhi all-embracing airport while capturing an aircraft landing on their accessible cams. The news again turns crazy back they are interrogated by the admiral ensuring that every moment is a crazy beam riot.

Says Linc Pen managing administrator Deepak Jalan, "While authoritative films was altogether altered from bearing pens, the business and administration was actual similar. The ability and acquaintance of business and distributing pens came in accessible while chalking out affairs of administration and business of SPMJ."

The film, afar from featuring industry veterans like Saurabh Shukla and Raghubir Yadav, additionally boasts of accomplished newcomers including Aamna Sharif, Umang Jain, Shubh, Chitrak, Pratik and Harsh.

Avers Linc Ball administrator Saritaa Jalan,"We accept consistently been amorous about movies and the art of filmmaking has consistently absorbed us. Starting with a calligraphy which has aerial ball amount and abundant agreeable was the absolute time to adventure into blur production. The key disciplinarian would be accomplished amount able films, extensive out to best admirers through best business & administration platforms."

Following the absolution of Shakal Pe Mat Ja on 23 September, Linc Ball intends to aftermath two to three films every year.

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