Thursday, August 25, 2011

The best continental hotel available here!

Hi friends’ today I’m going to share about a Continental hotel is one of distinguished Odessa hotels, a gorgeous example of architecture that is situated in the very centre of historical part of the city Odessa Ukraine travel. It was built in the middle of the XIX century by the famous architect F.V. Gonsiorovsky and was considerably reconstructed in 2005. Due to combination of splendid architecture, location,Odessa apartments,magnificent interior and up-to-date communications Continental is one of the most remarkable business hotels in Odessa. The international speaking staff in Continental will help you in any way and ready to serve. Reasonable prices, high level of services, unique building and atmosphere, careful serving staff all these makes us to be one of the best luxury hotels in Ukraine. The cascades of Mediterranean oysters, octopuses and grilled cuttlefish, sea bass and dorado baked in sea salt, Parma ham, Italian sausages represent only insignificant part of restaurant’s menu which amazes even sophisticated gourmets. Stylish design and excellent service will create a superb mood for you. They receive orders in Russian, Ukrainian and English. For more details please do follow the above given links and to contact them telephone number is +380 (48) 786-03-99.I hope you all will like this place enjoy your life!

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