Wednesday, July 6, 2011

chicken is healthy or not?

People who accept craven as a advantageous advantage may in actuality be bistro added fat than protein, scientists accept found.

Researchers begin that craven contains about three times as abundant fat as it did 35 years ago because of changes in agriculture methods.

The aliment chickens are fed and their abridgement of concrete action accept accumulated to beggarly that a confined can accept 50 per cent added calories than in the 1970s. A buzz craven leg with bark now has added fat than a Big Mac.

Professor Michael Crawford, of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition at London Metropolitan University, said that accelerated agriculture methods were a above agency in ascent levels of obesity.

"Chickens acclimated to roam chargeless and eat herbs and seeds. They are now fed with aerial activity foods and alike best amoebic chickens don't accept to airing any ambit to eat," he said.

"Our analysis is acclimatized for bistro agrarian food. You aloof wouldn't acquisition annihilation like these chickens in the wild."

Prof Crawford begin 22.8 grams (0.8oz) of fat in 100 grams of bazaar chicken, compared with aloof 8.6 grams (0.3oz) in 1970. This was accompanied by a 30 per cent bead in protein levels, so a archetypal craven now has added fat than protein.

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