Friday, January 21, 2011

Microsoft on Halo hiring rampage!

Late last December, Microsoft Game Studio’s 343 Industries posted 15 job listings onto their Halo job portal page, looking to hire several talented people and place them in top game development positions. Now, GameSpot have again discovered that Microsoft has updated this job listing bulletin area again back on January 17th, this time listing 12 jobs.

There are several game development positions up for grabs on the list, such as Software Development Engineer, Senior Technical Artist, Game Engineer, Senior Environment Artist, Senior Concept artist, and Matte Painter, among others. What could this all be for?

One possibility is a game dubbed “Halo: Nation”, which was mentioned by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at CES. No details were shared, but speculation hints at the possibility of a WP7 Halo title. As exciting as this would be, however, let’s not get our hopes up; Halo: Nation could simply be a novel, comic book, anime, short film, or other spawning of the franchise.

With the recent game-related hirings however, they must be cooking up something else in game form to excite the many Halo franchise fans.

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