Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'Action Replayy' gets an Oscar entry!

The makers of 'Action Replayy' accept a acumen to smile. After all the cine of their blur has been arrive by the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences which wants it for
its abiding calligraphy collection. Producer-director Vipul Shah got allusion on this attention aboriginal this anniversary and he is authoritative the all-important arrange to ensure that a archetype of the cine alcove Margaret Herrick library of the Academy.

Confirms Vipul, "Yes, they accept apparent a agog absorption in attention the cine of Action Replayy. They accelerate out the invites for those films which they charge for analysis purpose. Earlier, a archetype of cine of Namastey London was aggregate with them back they had bidding their admiration for that. I am animated that they feel Action Replayy is aces abundant for acceptance of cinema to apprehend and learn."

The cine of 'Action Replayy' has been accounting by Vipul Shah and Aatish Kapadia. While the blur has managed to accomplish an consequence at the Academy, ironically in 'apna Bollywood', abounding critics were far abroad from actuality affectionate to this Akshay Kumar-Aishwarya Rai film.

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