Monday, August 9, 2010

Queen in 'cold fury' over CWG scandals!

The amaranthine letters of bribery in the Commonwealth Games are now aggressive to asperse the country’s angel alfresco its shores as well. A British media address has said that the British Queen is in “cold fury” over allegations of banking irregularities involving a British close and the Commonwealth Games billy relay.

Daily Express on Sunday appear that the baton, which has a bulletin from the Queen, has been attenuated by claims it has been acclimated by a British close to banknote in on the Royal brand. The billy is agitated by runners about the world, afore it arrives at New Delhi.

The CWG organising board is declared to accept paid AM Films, an Indian-owned close in London, over 450,000 pounds for casework during the Queen’s Billy Broadcast countdown after able abandonment and cardboard work.

The Commonwealth Games organising board has constituted a three-member console to delving the allegations that a letter from the Indian aerial agency in London, which OC claimed recommended AM Films for the Queen’s Billy Broadcast countdown in October aftermost year, was tampered with. The media address said that the Queen is accepted to be in a “cold fury” over the affair, which she sees as abuse the allegorical baton.

Questions are additionally actuality aloft over whether the 2,000 flats actuality adapted by the DDA in Vasant Kunj for break of abstruse agents of the Games will be completed advanced of the mega antic event. DDA engineers, beforehand in the week, had said that they will not be able to complete the flats afore the Games.

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