Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mayookha sets National record!

Mayookha Johny bettered Anju George's amateur jump National almanac with a bound of 13.68 metres on the additional day of the 50th National inter-State contest championships at the NIS Complex actuality on Friday.

More amazing was 20-year-old Pankaj Dimri's 1:46.26secs for the 800m, the additional best timing by an Indian afterwards Sriram Singh's 1:45.77s in the Montreal Olympics in 1976.Francis Sagayaraj who came additional timed 1:46.77s to become the fourth best Indian, abaft Ghamnda Ram.On a backing day, both Mayookha and drillmaster Jose Mathew were backward about activity all out appear their prime target, that of extensive 13.60m and condoning for the Commonwealth Games. That was accomplished on her additional jump and the21-year-old Kerala babe came up with a 13.68m accomplishment on her abutting jump to go accomplished Anju's 2002 mark by one centimetre.

Mandeep Kaur (Pun) 52.13; 2. Jauna Murmu (Ori) 52.78; 3. Ashwini A.C. (Kar) 53.30. 800m: 1. Sinimole Paulose (Jkd) 2:04.04; 2. Bindu S.R. (Ker) 2:06.84; 3. Anu Mariyam Jose (UP) 2:10.89. Amateur jump: 1. Mayookha Johny (Ker) 13.68 (National record, antecedent 13.67); 2. Kulwinder Kaur (Pun) 13.42; 3. M.A. Prajusha (Ker) 13.28. Shot put: 1. Manpreet Kaur (Pun) 14.02; 2. Patwant Kaur (Pun) 13.83; 3. Seema Antil (Har) 13.74. 20km walk: 1. L. Sharda Devi (Chd) 1:55:40; 2. Supriya Adak (Mah) 1:58:00; 3. Ranjana Gupta (MP) 1:59:00.

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