Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lets know-how the UNIVERSE created?

Hey guys, i wonder how this universe created and its an amazing creation by the god.Its still weird to everyone that, how the earth do its jobs daily by revolving,goes aroung the sun and holding everybody.It remains me to do my duty with out fail and to think a lot.I hope you will think about this and give me comments reguarding this post friends.Let me share some information with you about the earth and please stay with me guys!.The Earth was created 4.54 billion years ago when part of the Sun's accretion disc agglomerated into a spherical body. At that time, shortly after the birth of the Sun itself, the solar system's matter was much more scattered around, in the form of asteroids and dust rather than planets. This "matter cloud" has been called a Bok globule, and these globules have been observed in other parts of the Galaxy. Scientists have determined the age of the Earth relatively precisely using isotope dating of the world's oldest rocks.

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