Tuesday, November 24, 2009

kamal hassan another project going on hold

Kamal’s ‘Marudhanayakam’ and ‘Marmayogi’ are two big celluloid dreams of the admirers and the amateur himself that never came true. Both the films were shelved as the account was too big, and afresh addition advancing assignment is rumoured to be alone briefly for the aforementioned reason.

Sources in the industry buzz that, the activity for which Mysskin was advancing the calligraphy for ancient now is dropped. And the acumen they acquaint is - Big money! When they affected the account for this actual project, it grew as big-ticket as ‘Marudhanayakam’(Marudhanayakam’s account was again estimated to be about 200 crores).

The amateur animated up Mysskin by adage that afterwards 2 years they will plan to alpha a accumulated company. And again get investments by affairs the company’s shares so that, they can advance the all-important money bare for this project, say the sources.

Seems that Kamal is acknowledging Mysskin a abundant accord and is advising the distributors who are abutting to Raaj Kamal Films to access and absolution Mysskin’s ‘Nandhalala’. On the added duke Ayngaran is gearing-up to absolution their ‘Arjunan Kadhali’ soon. Sources add that ‘Arjunan Kadhali’ may release even before ‘Aval Peyar Thamizharasi’ does.

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