Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vodafone launches Facebook Phone!

Vodafone Essar launched its facebook phone-'Vodafone Blue',to put the Facebook acquaintance into the handset. The Vodafone Blue, developed in accord with Facebook, brings the qualities of a archetypal Smart buzz calm with accepted amusing networking functions – from cachet updates to administration a photo – into the easily of millions of bodies in an attractive, automatic adaptable phone, competitively priced at MRP. Rs 4950/- (inclusive of all taxes) only.

Vodafone Blue has a appointed F button that lets the user upload pictures, appointment profiles; amend cachet at a distinct click. The buzz takes Facebook affiliation to a altered date by accouterment all kinds of updates as counters, notifications, and displays Facebook posts consistently in the background. Additionally, Vodafone Blue will be launched in India, with absolute admission to Facebook for a year from the date of its purchase.

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