Friday, September 2, 2011

The new Honda Brio revealed!

The Japanese carmaker that is still the criterion in affordable affluence in India, burnt its easily with its aboriginal baby car Jazz two years ago. But it is back, with a smaller, meaner and added chiefly a cheaper product, what would be its additional baby car-the Brio. To be launched on September 27, India would alone be the additional bazaar for the car but affectation the better claiming in its all-around run.

We don’t apperceive the appraisement of the car yet, neither do we apperceive how abounding variants it will accept (my assumption is 3). So lets broadly attending at what we apperceive about the car.


Honda cars accept a way of actualization baby than what they absolutely are but alike again the Brio is a absolutely absolutely baby car….and looks alike added so. Among its competitors (wift, Polo, Liva and i20) it is by far the beeline has the atomic amplitude and is taller than alone the Polo.

Headlamp and grille

All the elements additionally point appear how baby the car is. It has a abbreviate chrome grille with the honda logo emblazoned on it takes up about the absolute amplitude and alike the almond shaped headlamps are ample in ambience but baby in comparison.

Tail lamps

This is a array of a alone breadth in baby cars about as if manufacturers get apathetic by the time they accomplish it to the back. Which is ironic, because these are baby cars afterwards all and appropriately there is beneath absolute acreage to design.

The Brio’s appendage lamps however, are one of its added arresting features. The traingular array fits in neatly at the rear bend of the car. It gels so able-bodied with the car that if it would not glow, you may alike absence its presence.

Boot lid

Which brings us to the cossack lid, which I am abiding would be a talking point. The Brio does not accept a accepted cossack lid and its bear is comprised of aloof the ample bottle that goes all the way up. As such the anatomy is aerial which is not absolutely a acceptable affair for loading-unloading, but the anarchistic lid abiding gives the car a character.

Fuel economy

Its small, its light, and it has a big heart, absolutely its frugal too. In Thailand which is Brio’s aboriginal market, it is awash as an eco car that agency it boasts of an abridgement of 20 kmpl. In India the agent is retuned sliglhltly to accomplish it added revv blessed and appropriately abridgement is hardly lower at 18.4 kmpl. It is lower than the fresh Swift but not by much.


Jury is out now, and the judgement is awaited. My anticipation is, prices would alpha at Rs 3.99 lakh or maybe alike lower. The top end with ABS and airbags should appear at about 4.6 lakh ex showroom. Anything more, and I would basis for the Jazz instead. Now that it costs alone Rs 5.5 lakh (ex shopwroom with airbags, ABS) I already am.

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