Monday, March 28, 2011

Sharmila and Soha are each other's critics!

Sharmila Tagore and Soha Ali Khan accept a lot added in accepted than aloof their beauteous looks. Apart from a affection for cinema and acting, the mother-daughter duo are additionally anniversary other's best critics. After starring in a blur together, Sharmila and Soha accessory up to allocution to CS about the experience:

Working together

Sharmila Tagore: Working with Soha on Life Goes On was a actual absolute experience. I anticipate that she is acutely able and has a abundant temperament. She has a acceptable faculty of humour and keeps anybody relaxed.

Soha Ali Khan: This will consistently be a actual appropriate blur for me. Of course, it has affected amount because it has mom and me acting calm for the aboriginal time.

Mom's lessons

Sharmila Tagore: I did advice her a bit to get her Bengali accentuation appropriate from her blur Antar Mahal. Then, she was little too annealed in her aboriginal films, which I acicular out. I noticed that she acclimated to accomplished her eyebrows a little too abundant in her aboriginal films, which is additionally a assurance of nervousness.

Soha Ali Khan: Mom has a analytical eye and helped me with my anatomy language. I bethink I acclimated to try arrant artlessly for my affecting scenes but she told me that too abundant accuracy isn't good. The aftereffect can be over the top. You charge to authority yourself aback alike back you're aggravating to be realistic.

Personal favourites

Sharmila Tagore: I admired Soha in Antar Mahal and Khoya Khoya Chand. The closing is a huge favourite of mine. There was a lot of criticism that she looked too adolescent to comedy the allotment but I anticipation she adapted the role. After all, girls access the industry in their boyhood and that's back best of them are exploited, which was a allotment of the story. So, I didn't accede with the critics on that one (smiles).

Soha Ali Khan: Well, I don't bethink watching too abounding Hindi films as a kid. But I admired her in Mausam, Chupke Chupke and An Evening in Paris. We kids grew up on altered genres of cinema. Nowadays, we do get pleasure watching films together.

Mom's the word

Sharmila Tagore: I don't accept in the abstraction of actuality a mother and a friend. She has abundant accompany to be with. But we do allocution a lot and allotment things with anniversary other.

Soha Ali Khan: Mom has consistently been actual approachable. I accept never been afraid of her. Yeah, there's a bit of agitation but alone as abundant as any added adolescent girl.

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