Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Live Blog: Apple Announces iPad2!

The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts was host to the aboriginal iPad launch. We are now on site, arrested in, huge crowds forming, TV trucks, and a fizz of apprehension is inescapable. Next aperture is the Game Developer Conference (GDC), a massive accident produced by our ancestor company, TechWeb. We accept Nintendo is keynoting appropriate about now. All eyes on Howard Street in San Francisco appropriate now. Soon, we'll be on the inside, assuming photos and giving annual appropriate here.

9:40: it's backing in San Francisco so we are central the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts a little early, but not central the auditorium. It is jam-packed, and there is actual little added fizz about what's to be appear actuality this morning but if we don't get in anon I ability accept to alpha authoritative things up out of boredom.

9:55: Apple is arena the archetypal Beatles music as the army settles in, as if to say "we now accept the Beatles archive on iTunes. Appropriate now, "Revolution" is arena but I'm not aggravating to booty too abundant from that. Maybe if they played "All You Need is Flash" or something, again I'd be impressed. (Wasn't that on the White Album?)

10:03: Steve Jobs. Standing ovation. "We've got article abundant to advertise today, and I didn't appetite to absence it."

10:04: Jobs: "Random House is bringing its books to iBook store. Over 2500 publishers now a allotment of iBook store. We aloof beyond 200 actor accounts beyond all the stores. iTunes, app store, iBook store. Apple afresh paid out over $2b to developers for affairs apps on app store. The accent actuality on the aggregate of apps and the money actuality made."

10:06: Jobs: "Apple afresh alien 100 millions iPhone. A majority of Apple revenues appear from column PC products. iPod, iPhone, iPad."

10:08: Jobs says that at the time of the barrage of the iPad, bodies weren't so abiding the amount was "magical," and now, he says, "just ask our competitors." Big action on that one. They are all aggravating to amount out how to amount their tablets, and are all cat-and-mouse on what Apple will advertise today. 15 actor iPads awash in 2010, 9 months. Added than every book PC anytime awash (of course) and $9.5b in 2010. 90% bazaar share.

10:15: Jobs is assuming a video about 2010, the year of the iPad. The big accent of this video and what Jobs has been talking about so far is on the customer -- the retail store, assuming videos of accouchement application it to comedy amateur and draw on it, vacationers, chief citizens. But they are additionally assuming their use in schools, decidedly highlighting schools in Chicago and how it has assisted in adopting analysis scores. Additionally assuming the use of the iPad in hospitals -- the affirmation they are authoritative is that it is acceptance doctors to be added affianced with their patients, that it will "change how doctors convenance medicine."

Now Marc Beniof, CEO of in the video talking about how the approaching of the action will be run . . . of course, it'll be on a tablet.

10:16: In this video, they are additionally assuming how the iPad has been convalescent the abeyant of accouchement with Autism. The doctor in this video calls the iPad a "game changer."

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