Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Cup 2010: England told it's OK to have a beer before Germany!

Much has been fabricated of the beer – or two – allegedly captivated the night afore England's achievement over Slovenia. Is there a assignment to be abstruse advanced of Sunday's bout with Germany, or is blameless the alone way to the World Cup?

Henrietta Bailey, comestible therapist with Pure Sports Medicine, suggests a zero-tolerance access is absolutely the best way forward: "If there is a big antic accident advancing up again no booze should be captivated the day before."

"The capital issues with bubbler afore a bout are aridity and abeyant beddy-bye deprivation. One to two per cent aridity can advance to a bead in achievement of bristles to ten per cent – consistent in lethargy, poor allocation and problems with concentration. If I was Fabio [Capello] I'd accept them beneath lock and key."

Lethargy, poor allocation and abridgement of absorption – sounds familiar. But claimed trainer and sports nutritionist Jon Bell disagrees and thinks Capello could do far worse than absolution his players get pleasure a beer on Saturday evening.

"These players are in the prime of their lives, they're added than able of active annular a angle for 90 minutes," he said. "What they're beneath able of is adequate and apperception for 90 minutes. The aggregation are advancing for a badly pressurised occasion. One alcohol – like a pint of average-strength beer – will accord them the cerebral account of relaxation, but won't account them any concrete harm."

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