Sunday, June 20, 2010

IWC Replica Watches!

IWC or the International Watch Co. is a luxury watch manufacturer from Switzerland. This brand is mostly known for their exclusive performing watch collections. Their watches contain advance technology and the company is one of the pioneering companies in the watch market that created some of the major watch movements in the history.

The International Watch Co. was established in 1868. The funder was an American engineer and watch maker named Florentine Ariosto Jones. He used all American parts in his watches. The parts came in Switzerland and the expert watch maker, along with his team, assemble them in Switzerland. That kept the American originality as well as keeping the Swiss technology.
The IWC designed a digital watch in 1885. But unfortunately, due to the lack of enough scientific inventions, it was not successful. However it is still counted as the first attempt to make a digital watch.

They designed a new watch model for the pilots of the First World War. This model was made of anti magnetic parts. This was a very important invention because most of the equipments in a plane, especially in a fighter plane, are very sensitive and may interact with powerful magnetic and electric field that are created by any external equipment. So the anti magnetic feature came out very handy for the pilots.

In the later years, they introduced some more innovative ideas and creations which were followed by other brands. While making new engineering excellence, the IWC never lost the designing concepts. All the models by this company are designed with highest design standard. They even used luxury materials like gold in many of their watch collections.

The IWC replica watches are made to provide the customers feel like wearing an IWC watch in a very low price. They are for the users who cannot afford the originals but admire the technology and standard of the brand.

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