Monday, June 13, 2011

Too much fruit juice is bad for your health!

Drinking fruit juices regularly is considered as a good and healhty practice througout the world. But according to the new study, people who consume fruit jucies on a regular basis are more likely to develop health complications than doing good for their health!

The results of a couple of studies have shown that sugar levels in fruit juice could give people “sweet tooth”. According to the researchers, prolonged and regular drinking of fruit juice makes people to carve for high calorie food.

The first of the two studies, conducted by a research team from Bangor University, North Wales, has found that even the freshly squeezed fruit juice contains considerable amount of sugar . According to them, the squeezing process of the fruits will concentrates the sugar that increases the sweetness.

The findings of the second study is same as well. The researchers who conducted this study have suggested people to quit the over consumption of fruit juices. Instead, they suggested dry fruits, whole fruits and vegetables over juices.

Dr. Hans Peter Kubis, who led one of the studies, has said that the fruit juices should be taken off the five a day recommendations, as the regular consumption of juices leads to sweet tooth.

He said, “I’d question the wisdom of including fruit juice in the five-a-day message. The problem is people often substitute them for real fruit which is a mistake.”

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