Thursday, May 26, 2011

Enjoy playing online strategy game here!

Hi friends we all know there is no age limit for playing games I found an interesting website it’s all about Terra Bellica is a free online political and military real time war online strategy games with different types of troops, military equipment, transports and ships. This game is played on a large global map with thousands of players. You can found castles where you want, develop army and navy, day by day build your empire, and, of course, participate in wars - Terra Bellica has a unique tactical system. To start playing you do not need to install anything - just go through a simple registration form. Every unit has Action Points. AP can be spent at any moment to move or perform an action. In-game time flows continuously. AP, HP and mmorts restore gradually throughout the day until they reach their limit. Spells have duration, just like construction and resource gathering. Settlements can be permanently destroyed. Life is in constant motion - and the larger your empire, the faster the pace. This is an excellent game which I found and swear you will enjoy it. For more details please do follow the above given links and register to enjoy playing this game!

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