Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10 tips for travelling with infants!

Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you have to stay at home till he’s old enough to walk. Here are some tips that will ensure a wonderful holiday even with a messy infant in tow.

1. For air travel, time the flight preferably with the baby's nap time, so that she mostly sleeps through the flight. Check with the doctor for ear drops and any other precautions.

2. Always carry a sling carrier, a carry cot, or a folding stroller. Makes those long walks along the lounge or railway platforms considerably easier.

3. Research the route for a driving holiday. Make sure you get to stop at places which have considerable scope for nappy changes.

4. When you book the hotel or resort, ask if you can use their kitchen for sterilising bottles, etc. Better still, book a room with a kitchenette so you can use it at will.

5. If your baby's on solids, make sure to carry foods for every meal, even if it means a bulkier bag. There are a number of varieties of packaged pureed foods available in the market. Carry plenty of snacks as babies tend to refuse meals while travelling.

6. When booking the hotel, make sure there is a doctor on call. If not, at least get them to reassure that they could arrange for a doctor if needed. In any case, carry all medicines and some baby mosquito repellent.

7. Avoid holidays that involve long walks or treks. Opt for ones which are more relaxing. Lugging an eight to ten kg weight is not the best thing to do all day.

8. Make sure you go to places with moderate weather, close to your hometown's regular weather. Avoid extremely hot or cold places. You don't want to deal with coughs and rashes all through the holiday.

9. Invest in plenty of plastic bibs, reusable spoons and bowls, and rubber sheets. You never know when you might have to set up a makeshift picnic for a hungry infant.

10. Never under-estimate their needs for clothes. Always carry three sets more than you think you'll need. Ditto for diapers, socks and other wearables. Every place you go to might not have baby shops.

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