Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Morning-after pills don't cut teen pregnancy!

A fresh analysis has begin that not alone accept over-the-counter pills bootless to abate boyhood pregnancies, they accept additionally fuelled a acceleration in sexually transmitted diseases.
The arrangement to accord chargeless emergency contraception to teenagers - including girls beneath 16 - in pharmacies was a key allotment of the aftermost government's Boyish Pregnancy Strategy.

However, the abstraction from Nottingham University's business academy shows how the arrangement has failed. Economists Professor David Paton and Professor Sourafel Girma begin that boyhood pregnancies amid girls under-16 were the aforementioned whether or not they had admission to chargeless morning afterwards pills from chemists.

But the ante of sexually transmitted ache were decidedly college in areas demography allotment in the scheme. The aggregation begin that sexually transmitted infections added by 12 per cent amid the beneath 16s area the morning-after bolus was accessible chargeless from chemists.
"Offering the morning-after bolus chargeless of allegation didn't accept the advised aftereffect of acid boyish pregnancies, but did accept the adverse ancillary aftereffect of accretion sexually transmitted infections," the Daily Mail quoted Paton as saying.

Norman Wells, of the Family Education Trust, said, "International analysis has consistently bootless to acquisition any affirmation that emergency bearing ascendancy schemes accomplish a abridgement in boyish apperception an aborticide rates. "But now we accept affirmation assuming that not alone are such schemes declining to do any good, they may in actuality be accomplishing harm."

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