Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ranbir's near-death experience!

Not abounding are acquainted of the actuality that Ranbir Kapoor has a anxiety of water.A abominable adventure had occurred with the amateur on the sets of Anjaana Anjaani.In one of the scenes, Ranbir was bare to go into the average of the pond pool.

Ranbir seemed actual abashed afore accepting into the basin and as the baptize akin added it was axiomatic that he was absolutely aggressive his fears.However, the aggregation associates rescued the amateur back they acquainted that article was wrong.

Asource said, 'Ranbir was declared to do this arena area he gets into the pool. Ranbir didn't acquaint anybody on the sets that he was baptize phobic. Back he went into the average of the pool, Ranbir about drowned! Initially, anybody anticipation that he was badinage and was arena a prank. But afterwards some time, they realised that Ranbir was absolutely drowning! The atom boys jumped into the baptize and adored him.'

Reportedly, administrator Siddharth Anand was absolutely taken ashamed with the incident.Ranbir absolutely should apprentice to bathe to abstain such incidents in future.

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