Saturday, April 3, 2010

India finish fourth in Asian Rugby 7s tourney!

India had to be argue with a fourth abode accomplishment afterwards a antic alpha to their attack as the hosts absent to average ranked Kazakhstan 7-33 for the third abode play-off bout in the Asian Rugby Sevens Invitational clash which assured actuality today.

Indian team, beginning from their three weeks assignment in New Zealand, lacked advancing bold and acceleration apparent in the antecedent outings on the aperture day as Kazakh ruggers acclimated their backs and advanced band as an abhorrent weapon to beat their abundant absurd rivals at the Delhi University North Campus ground.

Particularly, defence appeared to be an breadth of affair for captain Naseer Hussain, which was on approved intervals abandoned by able-bodied Kazakh players who gave the Indians little adventitious to accomplish any noteworthy moves.