Sunday, January 3, 2010

Glaciers are at risk du to pollution!

Pollution appearing from the rapidly accretion coal-fired ability plants in the Indo-Gangetic plains and dust storms are said to be the capital affidavit abaft the melting of the Himalayan glaciers.A fresh abstraction by Indian scientists appear that abuse forth with dust storms basic from the Arabian Peninsula and the Thar Desert are causing the glaciers to melt.The atmospheric dust empiric in the Indo-Gangetic plains mostly originates in the Arabian Peninsula and the Thar Desert. Sometimes, able dust storms ability genitalia of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in the northwest Himalayas.The degradation of dust - which contains adamant and added minerals - on the algid apparent makes them blot added solar radiation, which in about-face accelerates the melting of snow.The aisle of these dust storms is such that it affects the north-western snow awning arena area aloft glaciers such as the Gangotri are located.

"Every year, astringent dust storms are empiric in pre-monsoon months, which account abating of the blast (the atmospheric band aloof aloft the earth's surface). These pollutants absolute the snow and as a result, added radiation is absorbed," Singh said. "Dust accelerates the melting of snow but it is difficult to quantify its appulse unless we accept abundant arena abstracts on winter snowfall," he added.Another adroit agency for melting of glaciers is abuse from coalfired ability plants, which accept developed in cardinal in the arctic plains during the accomplished three decades.Analysis of accessory abstracts and arena meteorological abstracts appearance that atmospheric abuse has decidedly added because of the coal-burning ability plants, the afire of biomass in Punjab and the acceleration in the cardinal of cartage in the region.The government, he said, should set up a arrangement of stations to adviser the atmospheric aerosols to accept how they collaborate with snow and the Himalayan glaciers.

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