Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mass weddings mark 'eternal' 09/09/09

  Mass weddings mark 'eternal' 09/09/09
Beijing: Tens of thousands of Chinese couples rushed to tie the knot across the country to mark Wednesday's special date 09/09/09, hoping that the "triple 9 day" will bring them luck and eternal love.

In Beijing alone, 18,979 couples stood in long queues to register for marriage Wednesday, setting a one-day record in six decades. The figure was many times the daily average and exceeded the previous record of 15,646 seen Aug 8, 2008, a "triple 8 day" when the 29th Olympic Games opened in Beijing.

                 At the marriage register office in the city's Chaoyang district, clerks
working and issuing marriage certificate
midnight Tuesday to cope with the surge of marriage applications.Similar scenes were also seen in many other cities as well. In the southern metropolis of Guangzhou, more than 6,000 couples applied to the city's 24 marriage register offices, and the figure was about 3,000 for the eastern city of Nanjing, according to local authorities.
       In some cities, many couples and their families had to queue outside the marriage register offices from Tuesday afternoon. Authorities in different cities had to increase staff, work long hours and open more offices to cope.
What a good day it is! We are very lucky that we got married today. The auspicious number stands for our eternal love," said a young man Zhang Peng with his girlfriend at a register office in Gaoxin district in the southwestern city of Chengdu.
       "We came here yesterday (Tuesday) to see the location of the register office, hoping to get the certificate sooner today (Wednesday)," he said.


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